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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Quarantine yourself from Corona Virus

How to be Quarantine yourself from Corona -Virus

How to be Quarantine yourself from Corona -Virus

As All of Us Known about Corona Virus This is a Virus that kills a human being, Once a person is affected he/she has to be kept in visualization, and under treatment and observation for a certain period, This is termed as Quarantine
    Amidst the Growing threat of Corona Virus Coronavirus, several measures are being brought to protect it.
    Anyone who is suffering from the Coronavirus has to be Home Quarantine ie place him/her in a Home in a separate room and no one should keep direct contact with him/her.
Do you understand the meaning of home quarantine? 

If you have a cold, cough, cold or fever, etc. and you want to keep other people away from this disease along with the people of your home, then you can do a home quarantine.

     This means that while living in your house, take care of yourself.

COVID 19 has been declared as Pandemic.

Novel Corona Virus. Which leads to COVID 19 infection. To corona all over the world. Many countries except China, countries like America, Italy, Spain, and Germany, and many more have been severely affected. 

    Many words are Related and used for this pandemic Virus so I can explain these step by step.

    1. COVID-19  Corona Virus 

The technical name of coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2. The disease that is caused by it is called coronavirus disease. Virus case came out in 2019, A virus is not a disease in itself.         The disease resulting from it is called COVID-19. It shows symptoms like shortness of breath, dry cough, fever.

    2. Self-Isolation

This means isolating yourself from the infected people. This is a defensive step. So that you do not come in contact with people, self-isolation is for a healthy person to cure himself such that to limit yourself to a certain place to go out or to mingle.

       If you do this at home, it is better.

      There is a difference between self- isolation, and self-quarantine. These two cannot be used interchangeably.

  3. Self Quarantine (Self Quarantine)

Affected person symptoms can be monitored and the person concerned can be treated.  

    The advice is to stay in your house. Do not meet anyone, at least go outside. Avoid nearby people contacts, keep a distance of three to six feet from them.

      It is possible to avoid this disease that has spread all over the world only when there is a lot of effort to stay away from infection. 

      If you have been around an infected person, or have been contacted by them, then it is your responsibility not to pursue this virus as a carrier.

    4. Pandemic (Pandemic)

This word is very serious. The World Health Organization (WHO) last week declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. 

    For example, if a disease is confined to America or China only, then it can be called an epidemic. but when he leaves that country and reaches Africa and India, then it will be called Pandemic.

     The global epidemic is called a pandemic. This is a very serious situation. This word is used very thoughtfully.

    5. Social Distancing.

Maintain Sufficient Social Distance is a way to keep self Quarantine.

    social. Distance means distance. It means to meet people, stop contacting them. Do not visit places Such as schools, colleges, music concerts, fests, theaters, etc. 

    Everyone should keep a distance and avoid gathering and crowding at a place and away from public places like schools, cinemas, hospitals, etc No, not emotionally. 

    Physically Most people keep a distance of at least one meter between themselves. 

    This has been called social distancing. Whether you are sick or not, old or young, you should follow it in case of a virus spreading like this.

    6. Incubation

Symptoms of this virus are visible after a certain duration of time. These symptoms take some time to appear so if anyone suspects should be quarantined. 

     In the case of this virus, this time is around two days or in some cases fourteen days. 

    The time it takes for the symptoms to appear is called the incubation period. 

    During this time the person is infected, but due to lack of symptoms, he can spread the virus to other people as well. 

    Keep precautions and please stay away from an infected person. The time it takes to show the symptoms of a virus is called an incubation period. 

    7. Herd immunity

The word Herd means herd. When a large group of people becomes immune to an infectious disease, that is, they become resistant to that disease.

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Best way to Create and Edit Youtube social media channel for Free

How to create and Edit Youtube social media channel
                   Create a private channel

create and Edit Youtube social media channel

Follow the instructions below and create a channel that you can only manage using a Google account.

Then afterward, sign in to the youtube account.

     Do important tasks for the channel, such as uploading videos, commenting, or creating a video list.

what is the importance of Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools for a website or a Blog

               Why SEO or  SEO 

            Techniques/Tools are   

            important  for a website/Blog

what is the importance of  Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools  for a website or a Blog

There are many Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools are available for a website or a Blog.
As a Blogger, Webmaster or SEO Expert, we all want that whenever people search for something related to our website (or about which we write on our blog) then our website is the first person to be seen at the top of Google.

Top Mostly Used Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques/Tools for your Blog / Website

Top Mostly Used Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques/Tools for your Blog / Website

Top Mostly Used Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques/Tools for your Blog / Website

There are Many Tools and Techniques used in SEO ,I will Try to elaborate some important Tools and Techniques used in SEO .
As a Blogger, Webmaster or SEO Expert, 
we all want that whenever people search for something related to our website (or about which we write on our blog) then our 
website/Blog  appears at the top in the Google search engine.

How to create a Blog and Earn Money from your Blog

Blog  and All about  Blogger(Creation and Management)
Blog and All about Blog Management

A blog is a detailed summary of any topic or subject
Anyone can create a Blog.

Blogger is previously known as BlogSpot and used for the creation of new Blogs. A blog can be used for any purpose, whether it is as a personal diary or for commercial work, or in general, blogging is more commonly used to convey ideas to others. 

History about

    Blogspot started in 19 by Pyra Labs as a website hosting tool. It was purchased by Google in 2003.

To create their blog on this, users only have to create their accounts on Google. To signup on this, the user has to keep a different name which will be the name of his blog.

After Blog creation, the main purpose of Blog the creator is that his/her Blog reaches maximum users all over the world via the internet.

When your Blog is created and You have successfully written at most 30 to 50 Blogs then use SEO Techniques for enhancing the Chances that your page of Blog show in Google search list on the internet.  

  One who is knowing the topic or subject is eligible for creating a Blog. 
    A person who creates a Blog is known as Blogger.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Best Competitive/career options available after 10 th class

   Comptetive ,Career Options 

    Available For Students 

    Who Passed the 10 th  Exam

competitive exam options available for the students who passed the 10th exams.

After the result of the matriculation examination, students ensure their career direction. 

        Today I  am to tell you, 10 options in which you can make a career.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Top 10 books to read

Top 10 Books To Read

Top 10 Books To Read

The largest books are defined as classics for a reason. Written with the greatest literary mind of his time, he has universal themes, characters, experiences, feelings, and attitudes that are still relevant today.

All about Google Documents vs Microsoft Word

All about Google Docs or say Google Documents vs Microsoft Word

Google Docs  versus Microsoft Word

what is Google Docs 

You must have heard the name of Google Docs or say Google Documents. And if you have planned about using it, don't know.

Google Trends for keyword Analysis and More

Google Trends for keyword Analysis and Comparing Keywords

Google Trends is a Unique Feature of Google for search Interest

Google Trends for keyword Analysis and More
Google Trends is a public web feature of Google Inc based on Google Search that shows the total search volume of a particular search terms in different regions of the world and in different languages. 

General science MCQ with answers for competitive exams

General Science MCQ answers in Hindi for competitive exams
                    General Science MCQ answers in Hindi for competitive exams
Q1 decreases due to the apparent depth of a coin inside a water tub

 A.) Refraction of light. B) The reflection of light. C) total internal reflection. D) The dispersion of light
 Correct Answer → Option A

 Q2 Hematite is an ore
 A.) Aluminum. B) Iron. C ) Zinc. D) Wed
 Correct Answer → Option B.
 Q3 According to Arrhenius NaOH is a base because:
 A.) It has a bitter taste. B)  It can neutralize acids. C ) It bleeds red litmus paper.
 D )It gives OH-ion in water
 Correct Answer → Option D 
 Q4 Blood clotting occurs due to
A.) Fibrin. B) Thrombin. C) Thromboplastin. D ) all of the above
Correct Answer → Option D
Q5. Green plants make food
A.) Photo-oxidation b.) Photorespiration. C )Photosynthesis. D) photolysis
Correct Answer → Option C
Q6. The image made in the compound microscope is
A.) erectile inverted B) sometimes straight, C ) sometimes upside down. D) None
Correct Answer → Option B.
Q7. The lens used in a simple microscope is
A.) Concave. B) Convex C) Cylindrical D ) None
Correct Answer → Option B.
Q8. To eliminate toxic nitrogen wastes and excess water in humans
A. ) Emission ... B ) Circulation. C ) Reproduction D ) Pollution
Correct Answer → Option A
 Q9. S. I. Unit of refractive index is
 A. Meter. B. CMC. C watt .D no unit
 Correct Answer → Option D
 Q10. Liquid is metal
 A ) Bismuth. B)  Magnesium. C ) Mercury. D) Sodium
 Correct Answer → Option C
 Q11. Which of the following is not a primary color
  A.) Red. B) Blue. C) Green .D Yellow
 Correct Answer → Option D
 Q12 Endothermic reactions are those in which
A ) heat is developed. B) The heat is absorbed. C ) temperature increases. D ) light is generated
Correct Answer → Option B.

Q13. What color of light is least distracted

A. ) Red. B). Blue.C ) Violet.D) Green

Correct Answer → Option A

Q14. The acid present in gastric juice is

A.) Hydrochloric acid. B)-Citric acid. C) Sulfuric acid D) vinegar acid

Correct Answer → Option A
 Q15. Which blood cells are called 'Soldiers' of the body
 A.) W.B.S.B. B ) Platelets. C) RBC. D) all of the above

Correct Answer → Option A

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Best course ,abroad after Pharma Sector Degree

Best-course-to-do-in abroad-after-a Pharma Sector Degree 

Best course ,abroad  after  Pharma Sector Degree

People interested in searching or developing useful medicines that can benefit various diseases can make a career in this sector by taking various courses related to the pharmacy sector. 

MS in abroad after completion of my graduation

MS in abroad after completion of my graduation

After completion of 
graduation, crack NEET 
Exam is Compulsory 
for doing MS in abroad
MS in abroad after completion of my graduation

Since the introduction of NEET, various agencies and educational consultants have been promising affordable medical education in foreign countries. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Essay on Competitive Examination

Essay on Competitive Examination

Essay on Comptetive Exam

  Passing competitive examinations provides jobs. Therefore its demand is very high. Nowadays, a lot of coaching has come into existence which is preparing for competitive exams.

What are the Tips and Tricks By Using Them You Can Clear Competitive Exam in 2020

How to Clear Competitive Exam 

                              Crack Comptetive Exam

Competitive Exam Preparation is Not 
a easy task now a days.

There are many competitive exams
are going on for Government Jobs.

Many Students think that they will never 
clear Competitive exam.

This may be due to fear of a competitive exam.

Everyone is not perfect in all subjects.

Try to impart some time in analysis .

what is your Goal ? what do you want to
become in life.

Think of the state (Visualize) that if 
you have cleared that exam .

Your friend, your family members your relatives appreciate your efforts when you cleared any competitive exam.

Life is nothing without aim and Goal.

Try to set Goals that are higher then your skills and ability.

Be remember nothing is impossible in this world.

This is a proverb but some person's actually follow this and change their life.

Passion is the key factor for success.

Do not be coward and if you are thinking 
that you will never qualify that exam.

You will never qualify that exam in real life.

Always be positive and if you studying regularly and have patience then  you will
be succeeded.

Is coaching is compulsory for clearing competitive exam 

I think that many students have a opinion that coaching or joining any coaching institute is mandatory for clearing
any competitive exam.

It's not so  your mindset and your self study matter's a lot .

If you are preparing for any competitive exam then according to me,

Subject does not matter, be it Arts, Commerce or Science.

Any Graduate student from any stream can appear for many competitive exam where Graduation is mandatory.
Now I will tell you some Tips and Tricks By
Following them you can Qualify Competitive Exam.

     1.  Believe in yourself.
     2. Prepare your own Notes.
     3. Be Positive Always. 
     4. Always try to watch interview of
         successful students who cleared
         that exam recently.
     5. Try to Study Daily .
     6. Study according to  syllabus  of
         that exam that you are going to
     7. Do not waste your time if you are
         not getting success in first attempt.
          Keep studying for next attempt.
     8. If you are rejected in any phase ie,
          Pre , Mains or in interview, do not
          stop. Keep studying.
      9.There are many cases where
         students work hard and clear
         exam in 2-3 attempts.
     10. Read Books that helps you in
           getting Knowledge of particular
            subject .
     11. Do not change Books regularly, 
           stick on a book and read it
     12. Read Book 2-3 times so that you
           can master yourself in that
     13. Try to deliver your best always
           in any competitive exam you are                         appearing.
     14. Learn from your mistakes, If 
           know your weakness and you
           are your best  teacher.
     15. Do not study 10-12 hours in a day
              Only 6-7 hour effective study is 
     16. Try to use technology in your                              study.
     17. There are many YouTube'
            channel's that are available
            for particular subject.
     18.  Many Video Lectures (Even 
            IIT'S Lectures) are available on
            Internet , use them for 
            improving your knowledge and
    19.   Try to solve Previous year
            Question papers of  that 
            competitive exam in
            which you are going to
     20. Many Mock tests are available
           free of cost on internet.
     21.  If you are solving many paper
            sets of that exam it will boost
             your Knowledge and definitely
             you will clear the exam.
   Many Competitive Exam Preparation and selection require various phases which I have discussed in my previous written Blogs. 

     Go through All my Blogs regarding Competitive Exam. preparation.

Important GK Questions for Competitive Exams

Important General Knowledge Questions 

for Competitive Exams

                                                        Important General Knowledge Questions  for Competitive Exams

    General Competitive Exam Preparation Require Lots of  Reading and Memorizing General Knowledge Questions 
    if you require more MCQ questions on various sections (one of them is GK) Read my previous written Blog which provides some Best Apps (free) for learning  

General Knowledge MCQ questions.

    visit My Blog : Blog Link, Blog Link2

    Q1. Fitch Ratings maintains India's sovereign rating at the lowest investment grade  "__________".
    (a) Ba1
    (b) Baa3
    (c) Ba2
    (d) BBB-
    (e) BB +

    Q2. Name the insurance firm that has partnered with UK-based Tech TropoGo Limited to launch India's first 'Pay as you Fly' insurance for India's drone-owners.
    (a) HDFC ERGO General Insurance                Company
    (b) ICICI Lombard General Insurance           Company
    (c) Max Bupa Health Insurance Company
    (d) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
    (e) Tata AIG General Insurance Company

    Q3. The Asian Development Bank has projected the Indian economy to contract until  __________ in the fiscal year 2021.
    (a) 4.4%
    (b) 4.3%
    (c) 4.0%
    (d) 4.1%
    (e) 4.2%

    Q4. Name the two Indian companies that have been included in the World Economic                 Forum (WEF) list of 2020 technology pioneers.
     (a) CureApp and BigSpring
     (b) Bitmark and Stellapps
     (c) ZestMoney and Coda Payments
     (d) ZestMoney and Stellapps
    (e) Mirakl and Wingcopter

    Q5. From which state will the "Poor Welfare Employment Campaign" be launched by the         Government of India?
    (a) Jharkhand
    (b) Bihar
    (c) Nagaland
    (d) West Bengal
    (e) Odisha

    Q6. Name the organization that has approved a loan of 750 million (about Rs. 5,714                 crores)  to India to strengthen its fight against the impact of COVID-19 on the poor and weaker sections.
    (a) Asian Development Bank
    (b) New Development Bank
    (c) World Bank
     (d) Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
    (e) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

     Q7. India will send its three armies to Russia's _________ to participate in the 75th Victory      Day Parade of World War II.
    (a) Moscow, Russia
    (b) Beijing, China
    (c) Tokyo, Japan
    (d) Berlin, Germany
    (e) Seoul, South Korea

    Q8. Name the automobile manufacturer that, along with Karur Vysya Bank, has introduced a simple and flexible financing scheme for new customers.
    (a) Mahindra & Mahindra Limited I
    (b) Ashok Leyland
    (c) Maruti Suzuki India Limited
    (d) Bajaj Auto Limited
    (e) Eicher Motors Limited

    Q9. _____________ has inaugurated "Composite Regional Center (CRC) for Skill                  Development, Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)".
    (a) Chandigarh, Haryana
    (b) Jaipur, Rajasthan
    (c) Gandhinagar, Gujarat
    (d) Patna, Bihar
     (e) Ranchi, Jharkhand

    Q10. Name the former Goa minister, who died recently. He served as a Cabinet Minister from August 13, 1977, to April 27, 1979.
    (a) Francis D'Souza
    (b) Achyut Kashinath Sinai Usgaonkar
    (c) Manohar Ajgaonkar
    (d) Vijai Sardesai
    (e) Pandurang Madikkar

    Q11. Name the former Supreme Court judge, whose tenure as conduct officer and ombudsman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been extended by one year.
    (a) M. Patanjali Shastri
    (b) H. J. Cania
    (c) Meher Chand Mahajan
    (d) DK Jain
    (e) Bijan Kumar Mukherjee

    Q12. Name the country hosting the fourth edition of the Asian Youth Para Games to be held in December 2021.
    (a) Bahrain
    (b) Qatar
    (c) United Arab Emirates
    (d) Kuwait
    (e) Oman

    Q13. Which day is celebrated as Sustainable Gastronomy Day every year in order to be accepted as the cultural diversity of the world including cultural expressions related to the nature of gastronomy?
    (a) 14 June
    (b) 15 June
    (c) 16 June
    (d) 17 June
    (e) June 18

    Q14. Name the Indian state where the Raja Parba festival is celebrated, a unique three-day     festival in which the onset of monsoon and special worship of the earth goddess ie Mother     Earth.
    (a) Punjab
    (b) Himachal Pradesh
    (c) Odisha
    (d) Tripura
    (e) Assam

    Q15. Recently how much loan has been sanctioned by the Asian Infrastructure Investment     Bank (AIIB) to India to strengthen its fight against the impact of COVID-19 on the poor and weaker sections?
    (a) USD 550 million
    (b) USD 750 million
    (c) USD million USD
    (d) USD million USD
    (e) USD million USD