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Thursday, June 25, 2020

All about Google Documents vs Microsoft Word

All about Google Docs or say Google Documents vs Microsoft Word

Google Docs  versus Microsoft Word

what is Google Docs 

You must have heard the name of Google Docs or say Google Documents. And if you have planned about using it, don't know.
Users using MS Word definitely know about Google Docs. Because they are always looking for the best alternative (optional) word editor program of MS Office. And in this list, the name of Google Docs is written in the top line.

Google Docs advantages over Microsoft Word

If you know about Google Docs program then you are an aware and smart internet user. And know how to use technology for its benefits.
But, for some reason, you have forgotten to be familiar with this wonderful free word editor program. Then there is nothing. In this article, we give you what is Google Docs, why, and how to use it? Answer questions etc.Google Docs provide various features and these features are available on the internet.
Microsoft Word is an offline Application software that is used for editing, formatting text documents.

Google Docs is a free web-based word editor program. Which is being developed and operated by Google. Creating, sharing, editing, group discussion, updating, etc. can be done easily through this online word editor. Google Docs is available for both personal and business users.
        The full name of Google Docs is Google Documents. And it is part of Google's Business Service G Suite. Under which, a full online business suite is offered to business users.

     This set includes Google Sheets (spreadsheet program), Google Slides (presentation program), Google Drive (cloud-storage service), etc. in addition to Google Docs.

      Through Google Docs, you can do all the work like MS Word and other word editor programs. 

     Also, documents can be shared with other users for online interaction for group discussion.
Other traditional word editors lack the facility of online group discussion. Therefore, most small and medium online businesses prefer Google Docs.

Brief History of Google Docs - Brief History of Google Docs 

Google Docs was launched for the general public on March 9, 2006. It is currently owned by Google Inc. And it is also the responsibility of Google to update and handle it.

    The form of this program is available to us today. Was not in the beginning. Because, this word editor program was actually developed by Upstartle, not by Google.

    This company developed its web-based word editor software under the name Writely. Which was introduced in 2005? Google bought this company. And renamed Writely to Google Docs.

    This is how Google Docs Writely and XL2Web have evolved to consist of these two programs. Together, the company acquired by Google incorporates the technology of DocVerse.

    Apart from mobile apps, Google Docs can be accessed through websites in all the main browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, etc.), through Chrome extension, Chrome OS app, etc.

    Due to this feature, Google Docs is being used a lot today. And MS is giving a tough competition to Word. Benefits of Google Docs - Advantages of Google Docs

    The Google Docs program is available for free. This is its biggest feature. And because of this, freelancers are the first choice of writers, journalists, bloggers, content writers, writers, etc.

    Apart from the low price or say free, there are other benefits of Google Docs  over Ms word that are written as below :

         Search google
  Sharing and group discussion possible
         Multi-device support
        Add-on facility
        Offline work possible
        Ms word friendly
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