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Friday, June 26, 2020

Best Competitive/career options available after 10 th class

   Comptetive ,Career Options 

    Available For Students 

    Who Passed the 10 th  Exam

competitive exam options available for the students who passed the 10th exams.

After the result of the matriculation examination, students ensure their career direction. 

        Today I  am to tell you, 10 options in which you can make a career.

    The Metric result has arrived. 

        Now preparations have been made for further studies. Which subject to choose in Inter? 

     Which college should be admitted? This confusion occurs with every student. Let's know, 10 career options after the tenth.

Let us Discuss some Important Sector Regarding where competitive exam options available for the students who passed the 10th exam.

After the tenth, the halt is an important stop for every students.

Because from here you have to study further by choosing one subject from different subject.

These questions can come in the mind of students who have just passed class Xth.

What to do after class Xth

• Which subject to take after tenth

• 11th me kon sa subject le

• 11th me kitne subject hai

What will be the career options after tenth

• Subject selection after 10 th

• 10th ke baad kya padhai kare

So all these questions can come in the mind of every student.

Those who have just completed 10th and is going to 11th.

Till the tenth, compulsory studies are conducted in every subject. Like - mathematics, science, social science, sanskrit, english, hindi.

So in 11th you have to choose any one of these three, science, commerce and arts.

Apart from these three, there are some other subjects, but this is the most popular in which career options are the most.

And almost every student selects one of these subjects and studies further.

Apart from this, everyone has to study English and Hindi or any one subject of their regional language.

Whether you are in science or commerce or arts.

Which subject should be taken in 11th.

What are the subjects after tenth. And which subject should take the subject. and which subjetcs will have to be read in them and what is the scope of jobs in them

We are telling you all this information here.

(1) Science (Biology + Mathematics)

How many subjects are there in science

If you want to do it from 11th science stream.

So in this, you have to choose one of the
2 subjects first mathematics second Biology. 

That is, you have to do maths or you must 

decide from biology first.

There is only one difference of difference between these two subjects, all of them are the same.

So science is divided into two parts, one is medical and the other is non-medical.

So if you are interested in the medical line, then the PCB group has to be selected. Which is also called  biology.

In which you can pursue a career in B.sc nursing, teacher, D.pharmacy, B.Pharmacy, BHMS, bams, MBBS etc.

If you are interested in Mathematics. and further you want to make your career in engineering / technical field.

So from 11th you have to take PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Maths.

So there is a difference of only one subject in these two subjects.

    In which biology in place of maths , and non-medical ones will study maths

instead of biology. However, career options are different in 

these and studies after 12th also change to a great extent.

(2) Commerce

Information about commerce subject

After science, commerce subject is considered as a better career option.

Commerce is known as commerce trade in Hindi.

In which you will mainly read topics related to big and big business economics.

Which subjects are in commerce

• Accountancy (compulsory)

Business Studies (commerce) - (compulsory)

• Economics (compulsory)

• English (compulsory)

• Hindi (optional)

• Entrepreneurship (optional)

• Mathematics (optional)

• Physical Education (optional)

You must read the compulsory in these 

subjects.that is, you cannot change them.

In the remaining optional subject you can 

select any one which is available in your 

state / board / school.

By the way, the compulsory subject is taught 

in most schools,and in optional there is a 

subject of Hindi or regional language.

Career Options in Commerce

In commerce, you can make a career in 

these fields by taking courses like B.com, 

M.com, C.A, C.S, M.BA,Banking, Marketing, 

Sales,Retail, Buisness Manager, Teacher etc.

(3) Arts

Arts is considered to be the simplest and 

easiest subject.

Because it does not have subjects like 

math and medical like science and 

commerce.and even if it is not very 


            In addition to this, there is a lot to

choices available among arts  within the 

arts. also, there are many scopes for 


Arts Subject Name List.


• Geography

• Sociology (Sociology)

• Political science

• English (English)

• Economics

• Psychology

• Sanskrit (Sanskrit)

• Philosophy (Philosophy)

• Hindi (Hindi)

In the subject of arts, some of these 

subjects are compulsory,which you 

must take and there are some optional 

which are many other topics besides 


Which depends on your state board which 

optional subject is available there.

Career option in arts

There are many such professional and 

diploma courses in Arts subject after 

12th and graduation.

After doing those, you can apply for a job 

in that field.With arts subject, you can 

make your career in politics, advocate,

court , journalism, advertising  and  event 

management, civil services, law,banking, 

music, painting, writing, police, teacher 


         You can do Diploma / Professional 

Course after 10th.

Now Discuss some career options 

available after 10 th

After 10 th : Make career in 
          Indian Railways 

Indian Railways are the second largest employer in the world. 

    The minimum qualification for the technical or non-technical posts of Railways is matriculation. 

      Railway Bharti Board conducts examinations for different posts. 

         After matriculation, if you get ITI, Polytechnic, etc. degree, then the job in railway becomes easy. 

         Along with this, vacancies also come on inter and graduate for clerk grade jobs.

Defense Sector:  After  10th Make career in Defense Sector :
10th passed youth in various paramilitary forces including BSF, CRPF, CISF, SSB, ITBP including the Indian Army, Navy, Airforce, get opportunities. 
        It is necessary to have the only matriculation in the army. 
        If you are fit on physical parameters then the job is confirmed. 
      The qualification for the post of cook, torchbearer, barber, gardener, etc. is also matriculation. 
        After taking the inter, the scope of the option increases.
Stenographer: After  10th Make a career as a Stenographer:

      If you learn typing and shorthand after the matriculation examination, then after inter stenographer job is waiting for you. 

       Shorthand information is mandatory for stenographers. 

       The knowledge of shorthand courses is required in both private and government institutions. 

        The paramilitary force is directly appointed to the post of  Sub Inspector. 

          Its one-year certificate course is in ITI. 

     The three-year diploma course is from polytechnic institutions.

ITI:   After  10th Make a career in ITI

          The current era is of technology. 

        Those who have good knowledge of technology are becoming employers. 

      For this, ITI is the best option in the current environment. 

              It is a fully job-oriented course. 

      It provides many options in private as well as government service. 

               One can also get BE or BTech engineering degree after diploma from ITI. 

         In ITI courses, options such as electrician, fitter, mechanical, carpenter, welder, sewing, production, lab assistant, machinist open up self-employment. 

            Short term course is very useful. In the Railways, only ITI passed candidates are selected as drivers, technicians, or apprentices. 

              After 10th pass, one and two years course can be done with ITI. 

             Select a trade that is similar to the topic you are interested in.

                 There is a Large scope of ITI in Government 

Sectors and Some PSU Sectors.

                 I am discussing about BHEL , Bharat Heavy 

Electrical Limited a Maharatna Company.(Joint Venture of Government of India).

               BHEL Provides jobs for candidates after ITI.

A  Handsome salary has been provided by BHEL.

         You can also do apprentice in BHEL (3-6) Months 

and after that Job is provided to you in BHEL.

Polytechnic Diploma: After 10 th make a career in ITI

         Only after 10th, the dream of becoming an engineer can be fulfilled by taking enrollment in Polytechnic. Government and private polytechnic institutes are lying in the state. 

          All technical courses related to this are valid from India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). 

            Students who have secured 50% marks in the 10th can appear in the entrance examination of Polytechnic Institute. 

           Bihar Joint Entrance Competition Examination Board (BCECE) conducts entrance examination in the state.

          To join this, online registration takes place in March-April. 

        Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Packaging Technology, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, 

     Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Mining Engineering, Meteorological Engineering, Textile Technology, 

        Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering in Plant  

       There are courses such as polymers, petrochemicals engineering, aircraft maintenance engineering, 

     Office management and computer applications, computer science.

Polytechnic institutes also offer certificate courses.

After 10 th Make a career in Polytechnic institutes

 You can also do fashion design, textile design, engineering, mass communication, interior design, hotel management courses from polytechnic institutes. 

        To get admission in Delhi Polytechnic, it is necessary to pass the Central Admission Test (CET). 

          The Board of Technical Education conducts this test.

NIOS:  After 10 th make a career in NIOS:

        The National School of Open Schooling (NIOS) offers the opportunity to study over 100 courses through home-based correspondence. Being recognized by the Department of Human Resource Development, Government of India, 

      it is recognized in all states. 

     Academic vocational capabilities can give the edge to the house. 

    NIOS can be a secondary option for programs like Secondary, Senior Oriented, Community Oriented, Vocational, Life Enrichment, etc.

      Computer: Today it is not possible to fly a career without the fundamental knowledge of computers. 
If interested in reading More ,Admin has also written a Blog /Article on 
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