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Friday, June 19, 2020

CORONA Precaution and Measures

Corona Innovative Ideas Precaution and Measures

Corona Innovative Ideas Precaution and Measures

Central Govt should be instructed to establish testing facilities in Ayurvedic hospitals. 
     Patients diagnosed with Covid-19 + V should be allowed to consult BAMS physicians. 

     With this Ayurvedic doctors will first get to know the medical condition of the patient and will need appropriate Ayurvedic medicines to cure them. 

     This will encourage people to seek medical advice on time, rather than being admitted to the advanced stage.

Corona Innovative Ideas Government should 


To Prime Minister. I would like to make a suggestion about the crisis of COVID-19. 

   To break the Coronavirus government chain, you can clean the markets and local markets between 6 am and 9 am every day and shops can open between 10 am and 8 am. 

    All dense areas should be cleaned every week. Interstate and local transport should be sanitized after every trip.

    To check if sanitization is being done properly, as I have seen some workers getting sluggish.

     Even with fewer infections, it is possible to detect early with any symptoms using the new adoption in the Kovid-19 test, which helps fight the epidemic.

      At a lower cost and is adopted in almost all laboratories nationwide.

    In view of increasing infection. Death We can stop the spread by the new method of adoption, in my opinion, -

    we cannot stop the infection from growing by a method like a sanitizer, handwashing. 

    Only antibiotics should act as internal immunity, it helps us from Coronavirus

Important Measures for Corona :

  •  Lockdown can be changed to stay home asap.
  •  Oxygen is a luxury in metros. Lack of oxygen by staying at home may be the reason for the increase in cases.
  •  Happiness/health index is a cure for the disease.
  •  87 days +++ without negative ions can be a reason
  •  Point 3/4 can be addressed by social distance/mask.
  •  Continuous lockdown will erase Point 3 for young and old.
  • Each country/place/people are unique in immune while point 3 common in lockdown standard  has become the norm