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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Best way to Create and Edit Youtube social media channel for Free

How to create and Edit Youtube social media channel
                   Create a private channel

create and Edit Youtube social media channel

Follow the instructions below and create a channel that you can only manage using a Google account.

Then afterward, sign in to the youtube account.

     Do important tasks for the channel, such as uploading videos, commenting, or creating a video list.

      If you do not currently have a channel, you will see a prompt to create a channel.

See that the information provided to create the channel is correct (along with your Google account name and photo) and confirm to create your new channel.

      Creating a channel by a commercial or other names

Follow these instructions to create a channel that can have more than one manager or owner.

You can use a brand account to create a channel that has a different name but is still managed from your Google account. Learn more about brand accounts.

       Then afterward, sign in to the youtube account. Go to your channel list.

      After this there are two options one is creating a new channel and other is a select account

Click on new channel creation

By choosing a brand account from the list, create a YouTube channel for the brand the account you’ve been managing already. 

        If this brand account already has a channel, you cannot create a new channel — if you choose a brand account from the list, you can only switch to that channel.

        Fill in the information to name your channel and confirm your account. Then, click Done. This creates a new brand account.

For editing, channel edit on channel manager, and follow instructions.

According to the new guidelines, if YouTube feels that a channel is not doing commercially well, then it can close the account.

      Video platform YouTube (Youtube) is going to change its term of service. According to the new guidelines, if YouTube feels that a channel is not doing commercially well, then it can close the account. now, These new regulations will be applicable.

     This new rule has been added to the Account Suspension and Termination section. So this way youtube blocks the person’s account or his google account due to security policy on the basis that he feels that he is not commercially well. 

      Not only this, but the company can also suspend the person’s Google account. If your account closes you can not be able to access Gmail, Docs, and photos,

Now earning revenue will be a priority

Clear information is not revealed by youtube regarding this rule. It is believed that these rules are for those who make their video content and upload it on YouTube. 

     However, YouTube did not say clearly whether those people would come under the purview of these rules, who only watch videos on YouTube and do not put any content on themselves. 

       Now it can be assumed that now people who put content on YouTube will have to think not only about the content also how to earn revenue Earning revenue through his channel will be his priority.

       Xiaomi continues to dominate the Indian smartphone market, most phones sold in July-September, YouTube gave information to users on email.

        YouTube has informed its users via email. The e-mail states that the company is making changes in its term of service. These changes are being made for better work and to increase transparency. 

            There will be no change in Google’s privacy policy. Apart from this, it has been said in the e-mail that after this change, the rules for the users will be easier to understand and clear. 

           According to the e-mail, the company is committed to providing information about the changes in future rules. This will satisfy youtube policy rules and the account remains working

            Are you start a YouTube channel? YouTube is a great way to watch on the Internet, and if you get success in it, you can earn a living from it too! However, to do this you will need dedication and motivation.

Method 1 ) Channel creation

Visit youtube and login with Gmail account After login you will see the name on the left corner. Click on it to access your user page.

2 ) Upload artwork for the channel: 

This is the picture that appears at the top of your channel page. YouTube will show you some examples of how that picture from the website will be displayed on a TV, and a mobile device.

     Use artwork that can capture the attention of your audience. Your cover image will make your channel stand out from the interface of YouTube.

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