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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Essay on Competitive Examination

Essay on Competitive Examination

Essay on Comptetive Exam

  Passing competitive examinations provides jobs. Therefore its demand is very high. Nowadays, a lot of coaching has come into existence which is preparing for competitive exams.
    But it is not so easy to pass these exams. The syllabus is very large for this. 
   A correct strategy has to be adopted. In today's article, we will tell you what are the best tips to pass the competitive exam.

How to Prepare for Competitive Examination

Regular study is necessary, If you are also preparing for any competitive exam then you should study regularly. 

      Many people study regularly for a few days but then leave the study, or study less. 
    This way you will not be able to succeed.

    If you want to pass the exam, then you should schedule every day. 

    You have to read for 2 hours or 4 hours. 

   Many students study for 6 to 8 hours every day. 

   It depends on you. Only by studying regularly, you will succeed. 

    Revise your Syllabus Under the revision, the previously read lessons are repeated so that the students do not forget that lesson. 
   Revision is very important because many lessons are very difficult. Don't remember it easily.

    Students who keep revising continuously remember the lesson well. 

    You can make time table like 5 days a week you have to read new lessons but on Saturday and Sunday, you have to revise these lessons.

    Must solve last 10 years question papers Always Solve 10-11  Years old Question papers

      This work is very important. 

     You must solve the question papers of the last 10 years of the exam for which you are preparing. 
     This will give you an idea of ​​the pattern of questions, how many questions will come from which topic. 
     You will get all the information.

Prepare for Competitive Examination 
Read according to the syllabus

While preparing for any competitive exam like Engineering, Management, NEET, IAS, PCS, Teacher, Banking, or any other exam, one should read according to the syllabus. 

    You should stick on to the syllabus on a wall so that you will know clearly which lesson to read from which subject.

  Aptitude is very important for many competitive exams like Banks, Railway and many more so Visit my written Blog:  Apptitude Blog Regarding Aptitude weightage and how to prepare for  Aptitude in competitive exams.

Make a proper time table by creating a routine for Preparing Competitive Exam

You should make sure that how many hours are to be read per day. If the subject is more, divide them into 7 days a week and study accordingly. 
    In any case, you follow the routine. Those who follow it are successful. 

       The routine can be skipped if you are ill or someone goes to work.

Understand the Subject matter, Prepare for Competitive Examination

Now a days many students do not want to understand the subject matter because it costs a lot of minds. 
          They only take answers by adopting shortcuts. 
           Friends, this trick will not work for very long.

      General Competitive Exam Preparation Require Lots of  Reading and Memorizing if you require more MCQ questions on various sections . 

Solving Mock test Best Strategy for Competitive Exam Preparation.

Today Many students are appearing in 
competitive exam .

Only  few among them will be selected.

Success is a continuous journey not a destination.

Have faith on yourself and prepare yourself
according to the syllabus and solve as many as mock test .

    Mock tests are available on the internet.

    Use of technology enhances your chance of selection.

    Now a days many You tube videos are 
available and you have to use them.

    You have to search your topic and many videos are available on that topic.

     Many Websites provide you mock test
regarding your topic.
    Read my previous written Blogs which provides some Best Apps (free) for learning   MCQ questions on various sections.

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