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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Google Trends for keyword Analysis and More

Google Trends for keyword Analysis and Comparing Keywords

Google Trends is a Unique Feature of Google for search Interest

Google Trends for keyword Analysis and More
Google Trends is a public web feature of Google Inc based on Google Search that shows the total search volume of a particular search terms in different regions of the world and in different languages. 

     How people search over the world via the internet is analyzed by Google and according to the percentage of peoples search that product or keyword google provides the search interest result.

    Google trends are used all over the world for analyzing the right keyword for a particular topic or subject.

    The horizontal axis of the main graph represents time (starting sometime in 2004) and the vertical show often a word is searched relative to the total search volume globally.  

    Google Uses The Graph to refine the information based on the area and duration of time. On August 5, 2008, Google began showcasing Google Insights for Search, a more informed and advanced search trends service. 

Google Trends Compare two or more 

Keywords and display the search result

Google Trends also allows the user to compare 

the number of searches between two or more 


     An additional feature of Google Trends is that search-term related news is Empty citation (help) 

    Basically, Google updates  Google Trends on a regular basis. 

    Trends displayed on the chart, demonstrating how new events affect search popularity.

    In March 2007, Internet bloggers noticed that Google had not added new data since November 2006.

    The trends were updated within a week. Google did not update trends from March to July 30 .

    Now Google claims that updated every hour , information provided by Google Trends is updated daily; 

    Hot Trends Is On 6 August 2008, Google launched a free search service called Insights for Search.

    Insights for Search is an extended form of Google Trends, although the tool is intended for words and phrases to type in Google's search box. marketers, but can be used by any user. 

       This tool allows tracking of various    tracking devices provides more deeply analyzed results. 

   It also has the ability to categorize and organize data, as well as special attention to the breakdown of information by geographic areas.

Google Trends useful for many Industry and companies as a search result

  Evidence has been provided that Google Trends data can be used to search for influenza-like disease in the population. 

    Because the relative frequency of some questions is  high are closely correlated.

  percentage of doctor visits in which a patient with flu-like symptoms is also An estimate of weekly influenza activity can be reported.

      In addition, it was shown that there is a correlation between Google Trends data of the company names and the transaction volume of similar shares on a weekly time scale.

Google hot trends for search result

Google Hot Trends is a combination of Google Trends that displays the top 20 hot searches, ie the fastest-growing, searches (search-terms) of the past few hours in the United States.

    This is for discoveries that have recently experienced a sudden increase in popularity. 

     For each search term, it provides a 24-hour search-volume graph, blog, and web search results.

      Hot trends feature a special history that people wish to browse past hot searches. Hot trends can be established as an iGoogle gadget. 

     Hot Trends is also available as an Atom web feed every hour.

Google trends for websites on the internet 

for the search result

Since 2008, Trends, a sub-section of Google, analyzes website traffic rather than word-search traffic. It is a service similar to that provided by Alexa Internet.

Google Trends API services for the search result

An API that is a companion to the Google Trends service announced by Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of the search product. 

    It was announced in 2007 but has not been released yet.

    Some informal Google Trends API tools have been released with wiki details and easy access to Google Trends data.

Google Trends for Keyword Popularity

    Google Trends is useful for getting the information regarding the popularity of a particular topic or keyword on the internet.

        Trends are analyzed by Graph, you can compare two or three keywords, so that

you will be able to sort out or be able to select the Best Keyword.

Features Available in Google Trends

If you are using Blogger or wordpress for writing your Blog then you are getting confused regarding Keywords , ie Digital Marketing or Digital technology or any other keywords.

So you can search keywords and also compare Keywords.

    1 You can get country wise data analysis

    2 You can get State wise Data Analysis

    3 You can get city wise Data Analysis.

    4 You can get  world-wide(web search)

        Data Analysis

    5 You can get information regarding , Last          12 hour trending, last month , or last one            year trending Data Analysis.

     6 You can search any topic and when you         scroll down the screen you will see many         details.ie if you are searching Share market        Business News then you will get the Long        trailing keywords also.

    7 you can search your topic by category.

    like, business, education, art etc

   8 you can also search topic for your You tube


    More the people searches for that keywords

    means topic /keyword is trending.

    So in the end I would like to say that proper

    use of keywords is the necessary promotion     of  Business or website.

    Google Trend is a product of Google , information provided is accurate and authentic.


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