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Sunday, June 21, 2020

What are the Tips and Tricks By Using Them You Can Clear Competitive Exam in 2020

How to Clear Competitive Exam 

                              Crack Comptetive Exam

Competitive Exam Preparation is Not 
a easy task now a days.

There are many competitive exams
are going on for Government Jobs.

Many Students think that they will never 
clear Competitive exam.

This may be due to fear of a competitive exam.

Everyone is not perfect in all subjects.

Try to impart some time in analysis .

what is your Goal ? what do you want to
become in life.

Think of the state (Visualize) that if 
you have cleared that exam .

Your friend, your family members your relatives appreciate your efforts when you cleared any competitive exam.

Life is nothing without aim and Goal.

Try to set Goals that are higher then your skills and ability.

Be remember nothing is impossible in this world.

This is a proverb but some person's actually follow this and change their life.

Passion is the key factor for success.

Do not be coward and if you are thinking 
that you will never qualify that exam.

You will never qualify that exam in real life.

Always be positive and if you studying regularly and have patience then  you will
be succeeded.

Is coaching is compulsory for clearing competitive exam 

I think that many students have a opinion that coaching or joining any coaching institute is mandatory for clearing
any competitive exam.

It's not so  your mindset and your self study matter's a lot .

If you are preparing for any competitive exam then according to me,

Subject does not matter, be it Arts, Commerce or Science.

Any Graduate student from any stream can appear for many competitive exam where Graduation is mandatory.
Now I will tell you some Tips and Tricks By
Following them you can Qualify Competitive Exam.

     1.  Believe in yourself.
     2. Prepare your own Notes.
     3. Be Positive Always. 
     4. Always try to watch interview of
         successful students who cleared
         that exam recently.
     5. Try to Study Daily .
     6. Study according to  syllabus  of
         that exam that you are going to
     7. Do not waste your time if you are
         not getting success in first attempt.
          Keep studying for next attempt.
     8. If you are rejected in any phase ie,
          Pre , Mains or in interview, do not
          stop. Keep studying.
      9.There are many cases where
         students work hard and clear
         exam in 2-3 attempts.
     10. Read Books that helps you in
           getting Knowledge of particular
            subject .
     11. Do not change Books regularly, 
           stick on a book and read it
     12. Read Book 2-3 times so that you
           can master yourself in that
     13. Try to deliver your best always
           in any competitive exam you are                         appearing.
     14. Learn from your mistakes, If 
           know your weakness and you
           are your best  teacher.
     15. Do not study 10-12 hours in a day
              Only 6-7 hour effective study is 
     16. Try to use technology in your                              study.
     17. There are many YouTube'
            channel's that are available
            for particular subject.
     18.  Many Video Lectures (Even 
            IIT'S Lectures) are available on
            Internet , use them for 
            improving your knowledge and
    19.   Try to solve Previous year
            Question papers of  that 
            competitive exam in
            which you are going to
     20. Many Mock tests are available
           free of cost on internet.
     21.  If you are solving many paper
            sets of that exam it will boost
             your Knowledge and definitely
             you will clear the exam.
   Many Competitive Exam Preparation and selection require various phases which I have discussed in my previous written Blogs. 

     Go through All my Blogs regarding Competitive Exam. preparation.

      Enhance your knowledge and skills in various sections like Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English Grammar(Basics), and General Knowledge Questions,Computer (MCQ).

Some Competitive Exams Require phases

    1  MCQ on  Aptitude,
        Logical Reasoning,
        English Grammar
        (Basics), and General
        Knowledge Questions.
    2   Mains Exam
    3   Interview

Some Competitive Exams require only one phase of MCQ

General Competitive Exam Preparation Require Lots of  Reading and Memorizing 
    General Knowledge Questions if you require more MCQ questions on various section
      Read my previous written Blog which provides some Best Apps (free) for learning.  

MCQ questions on various sections.

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