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Friday, June 19, 2020





Information Technology VS Computer Science

Five similarities and Five differences between Information Technology, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering?





  1) They all let you learn some programming

   2) They all pave the way for equal jobs

   3) They all require some math and analysis

   4) They all involve computers as a tool

   5) They all borrow knowledge from each other (they are related)




This is difficult to answer. In general, I see that IT is an umbrella term for the entire technology group which includes CE and CS. 

 So in fact all of CE and CS can be described as elements of IT.

  As a result, it was easy to outline the difference between CE and CS (below) but I can only find one “meta” difference in IT. 

   It is a practical difference because IT in general would be necessarily less focused and less specialized, focusing on IT as a study, as opposed to CS or CE.

 1) They vary in degree of focus: CE is a sub-technology area specialized in engineering sub-systems and hardware components.


    IT is a generalist technology field that covers all computing technology areas as an umbrella term Does, where CS specialized in proving the sub-technology sector. Abstract logic model.


 2) They have a different subject: CE is related to the computer, where CS is related to mathematical logic.


  3) They have different deliverables/outputs: CE engineered computing devices and subsystems, where CS discovers and proves the logic model.

  4) They differ in how they relate to computers: CE is related to computers as a subject to understand, design, and construct.

   CS is related to computers, which is the principle of computation and testing. As a tool used for

    5) They differ with respect to their knowledge: CE (as engineer) develops innovative applications of existing knowledge to solve real-world problems,CS (as science) discovers and Proves new knowledge.


Note: In the United States, IT is often viewed as akin to business information systems – the application of technology-based problem-solving in a business context.


    IT is more common in Europe – an umbrella term for computing and technologies. 

  Therefore the field plays a role in how they are defined. 

     Where I come from both definitions, although I personally prefer European usage.

    My reasons for prioritizing the European model for naming technology pupils are that it makes more sense.

    The special nature of theoretical computer science (which is not really about computers) and because it refers to other terms (such as BIS) Produces less friction with. 

    There is a natural gap for a common umbrella term that CS does not really fill. 

    When computer science is used as an umbrella term for the broad domain of computing and technology (as it is in the USA definition) 

    It can be confused that theoretical computer science is highly specialized and as a broad field Does not easily capture technology. 

    Theoretical computer science specifically (and strictly) focuses on computational models. Information technology makes more sense as an umbrella term.

   Seeing its coverage of information as a broader meaning and a general focus on technologies including and beyond computations               

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