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Friday, June 19, 2020

Informative Technologies In Today's Consequences


Role of IT in Today's  Consequences

Information technology (en: information technology) relates to data acquisition, information collection, security, change, exchange, study, design, etc. 
    Functions and computer hardware and software applications required for the execution of these tasks.

    Information technology is the basis of computer-based information systems.

    Information technology has become an integral part of commerce and business in present times.

    As a result of the communication revolution, electronic communication is also being considered 

    As a major component of information technology and it is also called information and communication technology, ICT. 

It is an emerging sector as an industry. *
  1.  Definition
  2.  Factors
  3.  Importance of Information Technology in Current         scenario
  4.  Different components of information technology
  5.  Influence of Information Technology
  6.  The future of information technology


    1. In brief Encyclopedia of Information Technology -    
Information technology is considered to be related to information.

   Such views are also expressed in the Dictionary of Computing. 

   The Macmillan Dictionary of Information Technology defines information technology as the idea that the acquisition, processing, storage, and storage of verbal, graphical, textual, and numerical information 

    Micro-electronics based on a combination of computing and telecommunications. Is the spread.

    2. According to the US report, information technology is defined in these words-

    Information technology means the collection, storage, processing, dissemination, and use of information.

    It is not limited to just hardware or software. Rather, the importance of man for this technology and achieving the goal set by it, 

    The value inherent in the making of these choices is the criteria used to decide whether a human is controlling this technology. And this has increased his knowledge.

    3. Definition of Information Technology according to UNESCO -
Information technology, "is a scientific, technological, and engineering subject. 
   The processing of information is the management technology of their application. 
   The interaction between computers and their human and machine and associated social, economic, and cultural issues."

Factors affecting  Information


Semiconductor technology: miniaturization of circuits, increased computing power, development of integrated circuits with improved capacity

    Information storage: Data storage capacity has increased tremendously.

   Networking: Networking has become cheaper, faster, and easier due to the technological advancement of optical fibers.

  Software Technology: Information technology has become more useful with the introduction of new and useful software. 

  Information technology is the basis of the service economy.

   Information technology is an appropriate technology for the social and economic development of backward countries. 

   Poverty can be eradicated only by making poor people informed. Information-richness leads to empowerment.

 Information technology brings transparency in administration and government, it helps in reducing corruption.

   Information technology is used in planning, policy-making, and decision making.

It creates new jobs. ***Various 
components of information technology 
Computer hardware technology

  This includes micro-computers, servers, large mainframe computers as well as devices for input, output, and storage.

Computer software technology

This includes Operating System, Web Browser, Database Management System (DBMS), server and commercial /commercial software.

Telecom & Network Technology

Under this, there are wired or wireless based software, network security, information encryption (cryptography), etc. to connect to the medium of telecommunications, Processor, and Internet.

Human Resource in Information 


System Administrator, Network 

Administrator, etc.

Impact of information technology

Information technology has made the whole earth a village.
     It has given rise to a global economy connecting various economies of the world.
    This new economy is more and more dependent on the creative arrangement and distribution of information. 
    Due to this, the importance of information in trade and commerce has increased immensely. 
    That is why this economy has also been called the Information Economy or Knowledge Economy. 
    The traditional economy based on the manufacturing of goods is getting weaker and the information economy based on service is continuously moving forward.

    All the activities of the society have been affected by information revolution - education, e-health, business.    

    e-commerce, administration, government, e-governance, industry, research and development, organization, publicity, Religion, etc. have changed in all areas.

    Today's society has started being called information society.

Future of information technology 

    With the importance of information, the importance of information security will also increase. 
    Job opportunities will increase in information technology-related work, especially the demand for information security and server specialists.
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