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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

MS in abroad after completion of my graduation

MS in abroad after completion of my graduation

After completion of 
graduation, crack NEET 
Exam is Compulsory 
for doing MS in abroad
MS in abroad after completion of my graduation

Since the introduction of NEET, various agencies and educational consultants have been promising affordable medical education in foreign countries. 
This paves the way for MBBS candidates to bypass NEET as many foreign universities do not conduct any formal entrance examination for admission to MBBS courses.

All candidates have to apply for the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) conducted by MCI to register as physicians in India.

The performance of many of these students has deteriorated over the years. 
The main reason behind this is believed to be the inflow of low-quality students in countries like China or Russia and where MBBS has the most applications.
According to official sources in the Ministry of Health, approximately 6000–7000 medical candidates visit Russia and China every year to study MBBS. 
However, only a fraction of these (10% –15%) is able to pass the medical licensed examination conducted by MCI.
MS in abroad after Graduation criteria : 

Currently, all medical candidates are required to get 50 percent in 10 + 2 examination from a recognized board to get eligibility certificate from MCI to get admission in MBBS in other countries. 
The quality difference between students is increasing due to the different syllabus and evaluation methods of different academic boards.

In addition, there is no set assessment policy for foreign medical universities or the education they offer.

MBBS  Graduate candidates seeking admission in MS 

in foreign universities

According to MCI officials, MBBS will address the ongoing crisis of quality by using NEET as the basis of eligibility for issuing eligibility certificates to candidates.

According to the new proposed rule, only the top 50 percent of candidates in NEET are eligible to get admission to MBBS in foreign institutions. 

"The quality of students is a major concern for those who can easily obtain a medical degree abroad and the poor quality of education is provided to the institutions they go to. By making the NEET mandatory,

we are at least in the main issues One can address this, ”a 
health ministry official commented.

Any medical candidate has to rank in the NEET top 50 percent to keep his / her dream of studying MBBS abroad. There will be no other alternative route for the candidates.

Recognition of Government for MS in abroad

In addition to making the NEET compulsory for students seeking admission to MBBS courses in foreign universities.

other efforts by the Ministry of Health and MCI are expected to improve the quality of doctors who have completed their medical education outside India.

China is one of the major recipients of MBBS applications from Indian students. 

The Ministry of Health has approached the Ministry of Education, China (China), to identify 45 good colleges in China.
Candidates seeking eligibility certificate from MCI will also be made aware of these recognized medical colleges in China.
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