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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Trending Nursing courses that are suitable for getting job in Private Hospital

Nursing course for a job in Private Hospital

Nursing Job in Private Hospital

        Friends, today's education system has 

become very difficult and you have to 

compete in every field.

    you should choose your career after class 12, keeping the same preparation in mind. 

    Nowadays the competition has increased so much that people keep wandering for good guidance.
    Many consultancy companies have started in big cities, which charge you to choose a career. Friends, 

    If you evaluate yourself and make the right decision, then you will not have any problem with the choice of career. 

    Now that you have passed the 12th standard in science, what to do now.

    By the way, you should evaluate yourself based on the results of class 12. I was not that smart in class 12 but still wanted to become a doctor, due to which I had to sacrifice one year.

     I do not say that nothing is possible in life but by evaluating you can go in the right direction. Class 12 in science can be in two faculties. PCM and PCB


I will tell you about the scope of the PCB. There is no shortage of scope in PCB, but I believe that there is more effort in PCB, but you do not get the results. 

    After PCB, you can pass PMT / AIMPMT examination and get admission to the doctor. 

    Most of the money in the PCB line is in the medical line, but a man spends half his life in becoming a doctor. 

    Many students take 3-4 years to pass examinations like PMT and after that,

    it takes 5 years to do MBBS and thus no doctor can be made before 30 years. After this, doctors cannot proceed without MD.

    Apart from MBBS, BDS is also a good course in which you can become a dentist.

    Apart from this, one can become a veterinarian in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.VSc AH) course. 

    By doing BAMS, you can become Ayurvedic Doctor, BHMS, and Homeopathy Doctor and BUMS can become Unani Doctor. 

    Apart from this, there is also a Bachelor of Physiotherapy course so that you can also become a physiotherapist. 

    In all the courses mentioned above, you have to pass the entrance tests, which requires a lot of hard work.

BSc Nursing 

After this without any entrance examinations in PCB, B.Sc. Nursing or GNM can be done so that you can easily get the job of a nurse or a male nurse in any hospital.

    Most of these courses are done in PCB, but they get less money in the beginning but your experience can increase with experience

    Apart from this, there are two courses named B.Pharma and D.Pharma.

    After PCB there is an entry from entrance examinations. 

    With B.Pharma you can work as a medical manager or MR in any hospital or institute whereas D.Pharma gives you the license of medical shop and can open medical shops.

    After PCB in the last few years, student B.Sc. Dairy Technology, Biotechnology, BMLT (Medical Lab Technology) and Paramedical Courses are doing so that they can get jobs in any hospital to the best of their ability. 

    There are many departments in the medical line and in the line in which you can increase your specialization, your career can be modified. Now even after all these courses, 

    if students do not see any option in PCB, then you can also do the same course which all faculty members can do. 

    Out of these, you can do Travel & Tourism Courses.

    Environmental Science, Fashion Technology, Hotel Management, Designing Courses, Media / Journalism Courses, and Film / Television Courses.
    So friends, in this way I told you the path of career in science  PCB and now you have to make the right choice so that your future can be bright. 

    Choose your course wisely, because this is the way to choose your career. I wish you all the best in your career.