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Saturday, June 27, 2020

what is the importance of Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools for a website or a Blog

               Why SEO or  SEO 

            Techniques/Tools are   

            important  for a website/Blog

what is the importance of  Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools  for a website or a Blog

There are many Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools are available for a website or a Blog.
As a Blogger, Webmaster or SEO Expert, we all want that whenever people search for something related to our website (or about which we write on our blog) then our website is the first person to be seen at the top of Google.

  So that more and more people can click on it and our website can be visited by many users World Wide.

I will try to elaborate  the Importance of the Search Engine Optimization Techniques /Tools  for a website or a Blog

 There are several small techniques to get these gestures to Google that are called "search engine optimization (SEO)" when used together.


 SEO is not a single technique but it is a combination of many different techniques, with the help of which you can show your website first on Google.

 Now further we are going to know about these SEO Techniques-

 What is SEO and how to do SEO of a website

  It is clear that from the first page of Google, most people visit a website.

  That is, if it is said broadly, the more people who click on the website (or say rank) in Google, the more people click on it and the more is the users on the web.

   Now, which blogger does not want his blog to be a lot of traffic, And he became popular.

  Everyone wants his blog to be converted into a high-traffic blog.

  But now everything is not possible only by wanting.

  You have to work hard to reach your desires to the destination.

   To bring good and consistent traffic to your website, you have to rank your website in a good position in Google.

    But now Google does not pick up a website and elevate it in its search.

  He ranks only those websites that give accurate answers to the questions asked by people and serve value to Searchers.

» To locate good websites, Google conducts very in-depth SEO Techniques investigations of them as it finds out-

    1) • Someone who is a website, how old it is (Domain Age) - Older website = more good ranking.

   2) • How many words are the post written on it (Word Count).

    3) • Do the words Title, Heading, Subheading, Bold, Italic, and Underline of that post are written by the person who searched in Google.

(Keywords) more correct keywords = more good ranking

     For Keywords, How to find Quality Keyword I have written a Blog so Go through my blog so that You have Basic Idea about Keywords and its importance in SEO.

SEO Techniques importance  for a website


       4) • How many and which websites have linked that post to themselves.

       5) • How many people have commented and shared that post.

       6) • based on about 200 such factors, Google compares all the websites it has and shows the best results for the people first.

     7) Use SEO Tools provided by Google on the Internet some of the popular Keywords among them are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc

     I am using the above SEO techniques and especially Google Search Console, Google Analytics provides lots of information about your website traffic, audiences, and many more things.

      Google Search Console is a special product of google which is essential for generating your sitemap and indexing and crawling your page in the google search.

    So stay tuned daily on my website I cover Google Search Console and Google Analytics topics later on my blog section.

       Now what bloggers are, when writing a post on their website, keep in mind the things written above,

How to do Off-Page SEO of a blog or website?

How can you do off-page SEO of your website, let's know through today's article-

    How to do off-page SEO of blog / Off-Page SEO

    Off-page SEO speaks of all the SEO activities that we do after publishing a post.

   In easy language, The SEO that we do outside the website (ie externally) so that our website ranks high in Google.

    For example, we make our website backlinks to other sites to rank our website in a good position in Google.

    All these things are called 'Off-Page SEO' altogether.

Some Tried and Tested SEO techniques for off-page SEO of your website.

Linking our site to others' sites is called 'backlink'.

    Backlinks are very important to rank in Google.

    If your site has good backlinks then it has very strong chances to rank in Google.

So we should focus a lot on making quality backlinks of our site.

   1. Sharing your posts on social media is also a part of the off-page SEO.

   2. If more and more people share your post on sites like Facebook, Twitter, then this makes Google aware of the popularity of your post and it makes your post

   3. Guest Posting - By writing posts on the blogs of others, we can easily create a backlink for our blog.

   4. Online Forums & Communities - By being active in online forums and communities, we can create good backlinks for our blog as well as bring a lot of free

   5. Question-Answer Platforms - We can SEO off-page of our website by writing answers on question-answer websites and giving a link to our post at the end of that answer.

   Also, it brings a lot of traffic to our site.

   6. Blogging Directors (Blog Directories) - Submitting your blog to blog directories like Indiblogger and Indibloghub greatly improve the off-page SEO of our site.

   7. Inclusion of a website in a search engine (Search Engines Submission) - Submitting the website to search engines like google, bing makes it index in Google.

   Due to which she starts reaching many people.

   For this, you can use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool.

   8. Backlinking through comments - Many sites in your comment section gives you the option to add a link to your website with your comment.

Update your blogs on regular basis and try to provide the answers of the asked  questions on the websites





     you need to sign in using your Gmail account in question hub website for seeing questions on various topics all over the world.

    You can select the question and answer it properly on your blog then submit the link of the page to the concerned user who asked the question.

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