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Saturday, July 25, 2020

10 Best ways to create Unique Blog , Index it easily on Search Engine

Top 10 Best ways to create  

Unique Blog and Index it  

easily on Search Engine     

10 Best ways to create Unique Blog , Index it easily on Search Engine

If you have created a Blog Website on your 

favorite Niche.

Afterward, you have to write an article 

/Blog on your selected Topic. 

Be Aware Use Custom Domain Name.

If you are using Domain of  default 

Blogger.com default domain is 

.blogspot.com then  you may not get 

proper page ranking and also 

you are not eligible for Google 

Adsense Approval.

So try to use from the following lists

List of Top-Level Domains

Click here :

Next Point is About Security Certificate https://

Try to use include https: instead of http:

Blogger.com Basically provide SSL 

certificate by default.

If you are using any other platform for 

creating a website then you have to purchase 

a certificate for getting https.

https websites are secure and easily 

rank and index in search engine as 

compared to websites with http.

While Writing Blog remember not to 

do copy/paste content from here and 


Only you can use reference for your

selected topic /subject but the content

should be yours.

There are many websites available on

the internet where you can check

your blog content.

Few among them are :




Use anyone among them for

checking your content online 

for free.

Above mentioned websites allow 

you to paste your code in the

given box and then click on 

check plagiarism.

wait for 5 minutes and your

the result will be displayed.

check if your content copy write

the issue in percentage is above 90%

Then it’s ok but if less than 90%

Then you have to modify your

content and check it again.

You can check many times so

that you satisfy that your content 

is Unique Now.

Unique content chances for ranking

is more and also for Google Adsense 

Approval It is a desirable condition.

Otherwise, You will never get

Google Adsense Approval

Now Let’s Discuss Top 10 Best Way By  

using them your Blog Content will be 

concise and Rank Higher on Google.

         Points to remember 

  While Writing an Article/Blog.

    1. Proper heading

 2 .  Content is well written.
 3. Try to Elaborate your Article/Blog.

    4. The Blog/Article should be in a 

        proper simple sentence.   

    5. Each Paragraph should be concise, 

    Paragraph should have at most  2-3 lines. 

    afterward, break the paragraph.

    6. Blog /Article should contain 

     around 1000-1200 words.

    7. Heading should be proper.

  8. Each Paragraph should 

Describe the Heading and Words 

used in heading should be used 

in Paragraphs.

      9.Proper Keywords make your Blog 

    /Article  more conceptual.

  Keywords are also essential for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization.

      10. Try to underline the main Keywords 

    and also, Highlight the essential text/

    content which describes the concept 

    /the subject of Blog/Article.

      11. Proper linking between pages should be

        used, ie internal link and external link

So when you have completed all your  

Steps of writing a Blog/Article.

Then comes the Designing

So Design of your blog is simple and 

sober and attractive.

Try to use a light color in your Blog 


Do not use RGB Main colors,

Points to be Noted :

1. Blog /Article should have

Comment facility section so that

Visitors express

His idea or opinion about your


2. A visitor gets the facility to connect

to the Author via Feedback, or submit 

a form.

3 Email of the Author should be

Mentioned in the Blog/Article for

Visitors’ feedback and comments.

4. pages are mandatory in your website 

for blogs Privacy policy, Contact us, 

DMCA, About Us, etc.

5. For SEO Purpose Social Media

Platform link should be used on your 

blog /article Home page like

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, 

Linkedin link, etc

In the last do not forget that your

The blog should contain Images related 

to your post, but use only small size

image or stickers if necessary.

If your page is looking good but 

page loading time matters a Lot

in Ranking, so be cautious about it.

Another point to remember is that 

do not use javascript file .js extension

 in your code so much, these files slow

your page execution loading speed.

If necessary then use otherwise avoid 

using them.

So when Above all steps have Been


    Next comes the Google Indexing and Crawling.

Google is a Renowned and No 01  Search 

Engine in the world.

    Everyone tries to connect with Google 

for searching purposes.

    So when anyone tries to search for

    A keyword in Google, Google returns 

Lots of pages related to the Keyword 


    Google shows the result by indexing

the pages on the web.

    Google uses its web crawler and Google 

bots for indexing and crawling.

    Here comes the page /website Rank

or page rank.

    More the rank of a page or website

More your Chances that your page

appears on the top result.

    If you have created a new website and

You have written many blogs/article,

    If you search your website using  your

keywords or directly you may enter your

domain website URL in the google search

area and click enter.

   You may be surprised that your website 

URL or page is not displayed or not 


   Then you have to follow these steps

For indexing/crawling your webpage on google.

    Index/Crawl  page on google

Points to be noted:

  1. use Google search Console

For indexing /Crawling of your webpage on google.

  2. Generate Sitemap of your Website.

  3. open www.google.com on your

browser then search Google search

Console, click on it.

  4. Try to login with your Gmail account 

which you have used to create your 

blog/webpage on blogger.com

  5. After Login a Platform of Google 

Search Console appears on your Screen.

  6. Add your website domain URL or

Default  URL domain ie .blogspot.com, 

Provided by blogger.com So when you, 

first of all, set up your Google Search 

Console Account.

 You have to add your website in 

Google Search Console.

 Then some code is provided by

Google Search Console to you.

   Paste that code in the mentioned Area.

   (Design) HTML view if you are using 

Blogger between the <head>

</head> tags and then save your blog.

 After placing the code clicks on Enter.

Above step Link your website/Blog and 

Google Search Console.

  7. Afterward, click on the submit sitemap 


  8. enter your generated sitemap URL in 

the box and click on submit.

  9. after some time you may see your 

sitemap is submitted in the Google 

search console.

  10. sitemap shows all the details

of your website, your webpage details,

how many are indexed, and how many are 


  11. Google search console, Sitemap

Shows all information about your webpages 

submitted indexed crawled and errors on 

your webpage if any ?.

 12.If you have created a new website 

and wants that your website should be 

indexed or crawled on google as early as 


Try to do the manual submission of 

individual pages in google search 

console for indexing /crawling.

 13. For manually  indexing /crawling 

of  webpages follow these steps

 1. Click on Url inspection tab in 

left Sidebar, now enter your webpage 

URL and click on the inspect URL.

 2. After some times Google search 

console display result.

 3 Now click on request manual 


 4 Google search console display 

result now finally clicks on the 

live test on the right corner.

 5. You may get a message that 

webpage should be crawled and 

indexed on google.

  6. Follow above steps 1 to 5 for all

webpages of your website or blog.

  7. Now check daily on google search 

console that the webpage is indexed 

or crawled on google search engine 

or not.

 8. If you got some error message 

regarding your webpage in google 

search console then try to resolve 

those errors and submit the manual

URL for indexing again.

  9.  Mainly error is of content of the

webpage, too small font to read or

content is not compatible with 

Devices ie mobile phone.

10. Add some code for this in your


<meta content=”width=device-width,

initial-scale=1″ name=”viewport”>

</meta> in the top of webpage 

above html <head> tag

in theme , edit html page if you are 

using blogger.

11. finally again submit a webpage 

for manual indexing /crawling.

12. check and crawled and available 

on google.

13. Open www.google.com

Enter your complete webpage URL 

and then click search.

14.  you will get your website URL in

Google now searches and indexes.

15. you have to check your all 

WebPages on google.

16. Manual indexing is an easier 

way For indexing or crawling in 

Google Search Console.

You have to link your website 

/blog With Google Search Console.

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/Comment’s Regarding this Article /Blog.

I am writing more useful blogs Like this,

related to SEO, Next blog is Related to

Sitemap Generation and then Best 

Techniques to easily Rank your blog

in Search Engine.

So stay tuned and  click on  follow us

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