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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Best Antivirus For Android Mobile

     Best Antivirus For Android 

Best AntiVirus software for Android Mobile
                                There are Lots of Android Mobile  Antivirus Apps Available on Internet. One Of The Best Antivirus for Andriod is Bitdefender’s Antivirus Mobile  Security.

I prefer it because the first thing is that

It is freely available on the internet.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus Mobile Security Features 

It has Features that meet the user’s


Bitdefender’s Antivirus For home for business

Bitdefender’s Antivirus Mobile Security – Free antivirus

for your Android

Protect your mobile device with the

world’s most trusted free antivirus app.

Installs 100 million Install over

4,5 stars

4.7 stars on Google play  AV test award

100% security And utility score

Install free From Google Play Store

Also available for PC, Mac, and iOS

Protect privacy, Block threats, Remotely protect

Increase performance

Get inside information

Protect your privacy

Exclude trespassers from both your business,

online and your device.

PRO Protect your photos and apps

using a PIN code,

pattern or fingerprint password

ULTIMATE hide your online activity and

access to geo-restricted content from VPNs.

Protect your privacy Block all possible threats

Protect your Android device from getting

infected by viruses and other malware.

Scan threats and vulnerabilities regularly

Identify malicious apps before they are installed

Protect against malware-infected links on the web.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus  Different from 

        other mobile antivirus Security

When Installed in your Android Phone,

Many Antivirus uses your protected data.

Access your private data and make it

Public on the internet without taking

permission from the user.

so misuse of your data may be a critical

Issue.A feature that everyone wants to


Data is very crucial for everyone.

so here is the difference.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus  does not

use private data of the user and also one

of the important feature that made it 

extra-ordinary from others is that 

online real-time protection.

Even its free version is also upgraded from

the internet and protects your data from

all types of threats.

why Antivirus protection is Necessary?

Verify the security of any Wi-Fi network

Why use antivirus on your ANDROID?

Each month we identify and block 2 million attack attempts

on Android users.

Our mobile threat database has about 8 million 

malicious samples and 6,000 new unique 

samples are being added every day, you are 

always safe.

We have identified and protected you from the

most common threats:

Trojan-Downloader – downloads malicious

programs onto your device without your knowledge.

Locker ransomware – Lock your device

and block your access to it

Adware – Fills too many unwanted

ads on your device’s screen other

Banking Trojan – steals your banking credentials

to gain access to your account

Router – Gains privileged access to capture and

control your device

Fake Apps – Malware that cheats you by

downloading them as genuine apps

Trojan Clicker – secretly clicking on the webpage

and consuming your data source

Spyware – infects your device to collect and

send information related to you

SMS Trojan – Uses your device to secretly

send premium SMS messages

Block threats

Protect your data remotely

Remote control prevents access to your

data by stealing  it and helps to recover

it if it is lost or stolen.

Track your device’s location

Lock your device or erase all your sensitive data

PRO secretly captures thief photos

and audio.

PRO automatically registers your device 

as a lost device after replacing SIM

Secure your data remotely Increase 


Keep your Android device just like new.

Clear the trash and free up storage space

Speed up your device with RAM boost

Increase battery life by adjusting

Android settings that consume power

Enhance performance.

Take control of your digital habits in your hands

Get inside information on how you use

apps and data.

See which apps you spend the most time on

Know which app is better to use on a

Wi-Fi connection

Easily check app permissions to understand

how apps access your phone

Our users think it is very useful. 

Works in a very natural way.

It is highly recommended and is good.

Ash Gary green

A very useful app for security and maintenance.

System requirenments

We are not asking. All you need is an Android phone

or tablet running Google Android 5.0

(Lollipop, API 21) or higher operating system.

And that’s enough.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus Mobile Security for Android

Stay protected with the ultimate antivirus

protection for your mobile device.

Install free

From Google Play Store

Upgrade to Bitdefender’s Antivirus Mobile Security Pro or

Ultimate directly from your app to access

app locking, VPN and many other

premium features.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus Foundation Bitdefender’s

Antivirus Blog


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Antivirus Software s.r.o.

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Conclusion :

Install Bitdefender’s Antivirus on 

your Mobile phone device.

According to my knowledge, there are No

issues arise to date.

If you have any question/doubt regarding

Bitdefender’s Antivirus Protection.

Feel free to contact me at:

[email protected],careerjobtech.com