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Sunday, July 19, 2020

IT Role in Government /Private Sector

Information Technology Role in Government / Private Sector

Information Technology   Role in Government /  Private Sector

1st-century mobile has brought a revolution in the field of communication.

In this the third millennium, mobile   is  being seen as an important tool for bringing changes  in governance practices.

Initially, mobile was used only as a medium of communication,Information Technology Plays an Important Role in All sectors.Government as well as the private sector .Today it is being used by government 

 agencies to not only convey importantly 

 information to the people but also to 

 make them available.

         Today, services related to health, education, banking, business, etc. are being provided to the people through mobile. 

    According to the Department of Telecommunications and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the Indian telecom sector has recorded unprecedented growth during the last few years and today. 

         It is the world’s second-largest telephone network (1.8 MB) after China. 

         The total number of mobile subscribers in India was 870.58 million in September 2013.

           IT in Telecommunication

It plays a major role in 

Telecommunication sector in 

Government Sector.

Telecommunication sector uses many 

Hardware Equipment and Software.

Many Software Experts/Professionals  

are required in the Telecommunication


            Thus in an indirect way IT 

the sector produces jobs, which 

enhance the Indian Economy         

            In the last decade, the use of 

smartphones and other wireless-

based technologies have seen

tremendous changes in the country. 

            To take advantage of this situation, mobile is being used as a medium so that public services can be easily accessible to the people. 

       To fulfill the objectives declared in its 

policy, the state government will follow three major strategies. 

       To initiate the use of information 

technology, the Government will  make   

maximum use of technology

    Role of IT in E-Governance                

IT plays a major role in E-Governance.

The many States provided their own E-Governance Department, Which fulfills the basic requirements of People of the state.

E-Governance Provides Many features :

     1.  Easy to use interface

     2.  Wisely use of Technology.

     3.  Save Time and Effort.

    4.  Customers get relevant 


End-User Get Directly Benefited 

from E-Governance.

         Some important E-Governance 

                    Projects are:





                  In all its processes to develop the market for information technology products and provide good governance.

      To do so, where necessary, the government encouraged the restructuring of processes. 

          It will be better used for setting the best governance criteria for electronic government (e-government).

        The use of information technology to ensure the quality of administration, simplify processes, innovate, 

     The role of high-quality infrastructure and efficient human resources are crucial for the development of Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITS). 

          The human resource of Government is the key to the future and the prosperity of the state. 

       In every sector to increase the contribution of hard-working and diligent people in the state’s economy. 

    Only by preparing all sections of the society for future challenges, the Government can realize its full potential.

     The state will be given the best 

education of the highest level,

facilities for training, and the 

 structure of  research    and  development. 

                 work will be such that it can equip the citizens with necessary facilities , information technology parks will be made for the development of   infrastructure in the state.

    Connectivity Will be expanded, the investment will be increased and infrastructure works will be done in the private sector,     

  Information Technology University will be started for human resource development. Information technology has been given high priority in Government, 

    Information technology has been identified as a thrust industry in industrial policy, 

       There is a strong potential for expansion of information technology-related industries in the state, Offshore Software Development Center, BPO Center in the state.

   The establishment of call centers will be encouraged, the state has a stress-free industrial environment and at the same time.

   Excellent work culture and better labor relations are conducive to IT plays a major role in Government, state Economy The state strongly believes that technology can be developed on a large scale. 

   Acceptance and use of information technology-enabled applications will make the cost of technology reasonable. In this direction,

    The state will ensure that appropriate financial and operational support is provided to entrepreneurs and enterprises of the software and hardware industry.

    The state government aims to invest extensively in and out of governance mechanisms to promote the use of information technology. 

    This will be done not only to increase the demand for information technology services but also to bring efficiency and transparency in the functioning of government.

Government Amphotech and Biotech Promotion Society chips have been established to speed up the development of information technology in the state and for overall socio-economic development.

Information Technology Role

 (Link between Departments)

        To provide the benefits of information 

technology to all, institutional coordination is done at the top level by CHIPS.

         It is a registered society formed by the state government and works as a nodal agency,

      The institution is the state of information technology and biotechnology.

        It plays an important role in furthering and accelerating, Honorable Chief Minister of Government is the head of High Powered Governing Council of Chips,

      In this Council along with eminent people of education/knowledge and technology sector as well as the Government of India,

        National Agencies and State Representatives of major government departments are also included.

            Each department will have information about the technology task force, a chief information officer (COO), and a representative of chips to complete computerization work

        In the departments, voluntarily from other departments or agencies to the IT professional or as a member on a contract basis as well.

           Each department will also have a nodal officer for information technology-related matters,

          In this regard, the government will create a unified government service delivery portal and which will provide all government services at one address.

        By creating a shared delivery portal, the government wants to effectively address the issues related to the arrangement of operations between various departmental applications.

      The government will ensure that before each investment in information technology proposals, a clear definition of prevailing and targeted service levels are set,

        The state government will ensure that the main axis of the information technology initiative remains “citizens”.

        Innovation in the government process is the basic foundation of any self-run process.

     It is necessary to achieve significant improvement in the critical areas of performance that include cost, quality, service

     In the case of every departmental initiative, it will be necessary that in the prevailing process Explanation of the proposal to bring innovation

        There are three levels of the education system in our country – primary, secondary, and higher.

               Of these, primary and secondary level education is imparted at the school level, while higher education is imparted at the college and university level.

Role of Information Technology in 

     Education Sector

(Private and Government Sector)

Education providers can be of two types – 

government and private.

       Information Technology Plays a Crucial 

Role in the Education Sector.

      Private schools can be run with partial funding from the government (called aided) and 

can also be fully self-funded (called un-aided).

    Government schools are established and managed by the government.

    Government schools have some limitations regarding Funds. Private Schools uses some Extraordinary Technologies (IT).

      Information Technology Used in Schools via Smart Class.

E-Learning and Now a Days Classes are Suspended due to Corona Virus but Classes are Going on via online software (communication) via the Internet.

     Many students prepare their syllabus by reading Books online also MCQ questions and answers are available on the internet.

   When the government has limited resources to provide a universal facility of education, the 

help of the private sector is taken.

In most economies, the private sector works for profit.

        But when it comes to education, the private sector is expected to act for a non-profit purpose.

        Some experts believe that due to lack of regulation, some private sector schools are affecting the quality of education.

            Apart from this, due to the high fees, many students do not have access to them.

         On the other hand, some believe that due to the increasing competition in higher education, private sector participation is necessary to increase investment and quality in this sector.

        Currently, the Standing Committee on Human Resource Development is examining the role of the private sector in higher education.

            In this context, we are presenting an analysis of the role of the private sector in higher education in India.

        This note explains the regulatory structure 


of the education sector and outlines the major 

 issues related to private sector participation in 

higher education.

Role of Information Technology in the 

    Private Sector

 Many Industries are being set up for providing 

Goods to the people of India.

         Few among them are Steel Industry, 

Cement Industry, Automobile Industry, Ceramic 

Industry, paint Industry, FMCG Industry, 

Telecomm Industry, and many more.

        So all of these Industries uses directly or 

indirectly Information Technology for its Work.

          One of the most Trending industries is the IT Industry.

Many Big Software Companies play a major role in It Industry.

          In this Global world, Globalization 

Technology plays a vital role.  

           Many software companies connected 

with other countries for expansion of business 

and for some other benefits.

       Thus work is provided from other countries 

and Completed in other countries and then 

delivered via the use of Technology.

        Thus we can say that Many agencies and 

clients are Coordinated in all this process and 

also Exchange of Money also matters a lot.

Role of Information Technology in the 

      banking sector

   (Private and Government Sector)

 Information technology plays a vital role in the 

Banking sector.

        Both private and Government Banks uses 

Information Technology.

        Software is used in All banks for 

maintaining their day to day requirements.

        ATM is a Machine that is Provided by All 

banks to their customers for Withdrawal of 

money via ATM (Debit) Card.

        ATM machine uses software(Information 

Technology) for its operation.

Role of Information Technology in the 

              Health sector

      (Private and Government Sector)

 Information technology plays a vital role in Health(Hospitals) sector.

        Both private and Government Hospitals use Information Technology.

        Software is used in All Hospitals for maintaining their day to day requirements.

        Many Machines (X-Ray), Endoscopy, CT Scan, etc are used in Hospitals for verification of various information (Diagnosis) regarding Disease symptoms.


It plays a major role in almost all sectors whether the Government or the Private Sector.

        Day by Day use of technology increases and thus IT role is also increasing.

        Today’s many people use the Internet and connect to the world via Globalization.

        Online chatting, Videos, Email, Fund transfer online, via Netbanking(Debit card or Credit card), Purchasing Items/Product online, and many more. 

       All the above are possible by Information Technology.

If you have any question/doubt regarding

IT Role in Government /Private Sector

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