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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Top 06 Best Techniques To Overcome Fear ,Anxiety And Depression and Live Happy And Healthy Life

 Top 06 Best Techniques To Overcome Fear , Anxiety And Depression  and Live  Happy And Healthy  Life

         Top 06 Best Techniques To Overcome Fear ,Anxiety And Depression  and Live  Happy And Healthy  Life

        Now a days everyone is busy in doing its own work and almost many times we are involved in such a the hectic schedule that it is difficult for us to impart time for ourselves.
    This is the case with anyone be a student, Working person, working lady, or anyone who is doing mental work all the time.
   There are many problems arises due to our daily routines habits.
    We all are living in a Technology Era , Everything is available to you via technology.
    We use Social media platform for chatting and exchange our information and more.
    Excessive use of technology detoriate our health and provides us sometimes in a Fearful and Anxious state.
    So I will let you know the symptoms of Depression.
    1 Always be sad and think negative
    2 Anxiety
    3 Apetite loss
    4 Sleepness lost
    5 Concentration power lost
    6 Suicidal thoughts
    7 Capacity of taking responsibility lost
    8 Always be in a state of guilt.
    I will let you know the symptoms and now I will try to explain in details how you can get rid of such situations.
    In short I will tell you that you have to change your lifestyle and have some discipline routine that must be followed.
    Actually You are not a machine and Your mind need rest and proper oxygen for proper working.

    You have to schedule some activities daily, like Walking , gardening , running , meditation  etc

    Distribute some time for each such activity and within a month you will see the result .
   Everyone wants to be fit and energetic but due to any reason , or some past memories not be able to feel better.
    Now I will discuss in details what to do to avoid such dangerous situation.
    All of us want to become happy and feel that we live happy and fearless life.

    Everyone has some sort of things in his own life that is afraid of doing something.

    It may be afraid of water(Swimming),afraid of driving vehicle, Afraid of accident or any other.

    Fear of loosing someone which is our close relative our family member or any person whom you loves/care about,

   Fear may occur in many cases in a way that in our childhood some incident may occur which is terrible for us .

  So when such incident likely to occurs again in our life, Fear of that incident makes us afraid of things.

   Anxiety is also a type of Fear.
   Anxiety is related to Thinking or worrying about the future and do not take care  live in the present.

   Fear and Anxiety when comes with each other  creates trouble /Problem in our Life.

  You are always worrying about the situations that when we do something any other thing will happen ,but it’s not so.

    We are only imagine a situation and worrying about that.

    Fear cause physical and mental level harm to you.

    Try to  follow These simple 06 steps that will help you in dealing with fear and anxiety.

    Step :1 Try to Learn (Explore More ) about your Fear

    When Fear came and what are the cause (Root) of it.

    Do not overlook it and pay attention to it, So when you pay attention to it

    You will be able to Fight  it.
    Fear gives a signal to your body regarding some kind of harm if it going to happen.

    Try to be rigid and when you are facing /fighting with Fear There is a Chance that you win against it.

    Keeping a Journal for at least 1-2 week and this is the Best way to remove Anxiety and Fear.

    Write it down each and every situation about fear and What you have done when Fear arises.

    So after 1-2 weeks you are in a position to observe the facts that what are the cases in which Fear occurs and How can I handle them.

    At what time of day Fear occurs and you have the complete list of pattern, cause and action of fear and anxiety.

    This Gives you an idea about Fear and Anxiety and How to deal with it.
    Step 2:

    Use your Power of Imagination in a Proper Direction (Positive Thinking)

    When you are imaging any scene or circumstance then your mind power increases your creativity and productivity also increased.

    But when you are imagine yourself in a trouble and imagine that thinks are not Going

    To improve from here , then situation occurs from bad to worst.

    This is the case of negative Imagination.
Then Question arises that How to Overcome from this Negative Imagination.

    Be calm for a moment and take a Deep Breath and close your Eye and Think about your Fear and Picture yourself in a Fearful situation.

    So Lets started I will tell you a short Incident , Suppose you are having fear of lost in the crowded building, or you are afraid of crowded place.

    Then imagine you are in a airport surrounded by many peoples. 

    So then do not start crying or freeze yourself Be calm , Think to solve the situation calmly

    see any help desk or any security person who helps you in finding a way for you.

    Take their help and calmly walk through the corridor and keep moving and when you arrived in the parking pick up your car and start your car and things are going on smoothly.

    You are driving your car gently and safely and reached the destination safely witout any

    The mental peace you have imagined actually helps you in case same incident happens in your life then you will easily overcome the situation.
    Step 3: 

    Try to use Some Other Alternate New way of thinking.

    Anxiety and fear are controlled by some part of your Brain, also this part allows your emotions to take control of your thoughts.

    So In this scenario Try to divert /change your brain thinking .Use different part of your Brain.

    Let’s take an example ,if you are consulting with your doctor and tell him that sometimes you feel fearful and anxious.

    Doctor will play a useful trick He told you that you have to tell me the numbers from 1 to 10,Where 1 is low fear state or calm state of mind  and 10 is the worst case fearful state.

    Then when patient tell any number then doctor wait for a duration and analyze and then told you do you have 06 as the number of your fear ? Then again lowering the numbers from 5 to 3 .

    In this way doctor will lower your fear rate.
Step 4: 

     Deep Breathing (Powerful technique for being calm)

    When you are anxious  then it is the best technique take , Take a long deep breath and wait for a while and then exhale long .

    It is scientifically proven that when we take a deep breath then the amount of oxygen that is supplied to our mind increases and some chemicals are released that is useful for our body .

    It relaxes our mind and also Body.

    Many people are taking short breath and face the problem of fear and anxiety.

    You can use this technique anytime and anywhere , while going to face an  interview or while taking some important decision it works.
Step :5


    Track your fear and tries to pay attention on it as I have written in point no 01

    Try to be aware and increase your capability to stay in present situation in a conscious state.

    This will always be helpful and increases your focus .

    When you think that fear or anxiety usually arises then you have to do one thing.

    That do nothing and keep be quiet and calm and only pay attention to yourself and on your thoughts.

    Step 6:

    Stay touch with Nature and use it as a Therapist

When you are in a state of fear or anxiety , walk for some distance and specially walking on park side ways are helpful to overcome anxiety and fear.

How to Overcome Depression and Find Happyness for Life

    Greenery has its own impact on our mind and when you covered with greenery your negativity in thoughts changes .

    You feel energetic and also some sort of exercises divert your mind and feel you relaxed and calm.

    Nature  is your Best Friend. Nature provides you many things that are essential for living.

    Try to Keep gardening and planting trees, care trees and plants in your surroundings
    Timely  Treatment is Mandatory to curb depression.
    Today more and more people or students around the world are facing a problem of  depression and fear.

If you are interested in watching videos Please visit below Video Regarding 

How to solve the problem of depression and fear.

Many medicines and Therapists are available Today.

     Consulting psychologists is essential in case of any mental problem.
    Women’s have some structural body change occurs at various levels due to hormonal changes, 

       sometimes women’s may felt nervous or when seasons arises women is in danger to depression.
climacteric -related depression

    All Women’s have gone through the phase of  period cycles and menses
Time between these two is termed as 
    Due  to hormonal disbalance there is always a risk of depression.
    Some other problems like vaginal aridness, mood trouble, sleeplessness all these sometimes ends in a depression.
    So in the last I will try to say that particularly for students and for parents and for anyone who is suffering from Depression ,Anxiety and Fear that Never Lose Hope, Be calm.
      For parents: Do not indulge your children to become a Doctor, Become a Engineer.
Lets Choose the best career option, 

    Its student wish to take any subject and become successful in that subject and in life.

    All subjects have equal weightage now try to provide joyful environment at home.

    Always do not compare with other students.

    Think that everyone is special and have some quality, The only thing is that we have to explore that quality

    Always remember that you should  never compare yourself  with anyone.

    Try to be happy always and try to do the things your heart will involve in .

    If any student fails to Qualify any
competitive exam this means that
you know the way of success .
Learn from your mistakes and never
Loose hope.
    Overall failure is the step of success.
Try to improve your skills next time

You will be selected.

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