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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Crack CGL Aptitude Test

<font color:blue size="30"> <u>Crack CGI Aptitude Test1</u> </font>

Crack  CGL  Aptitude Test


Is it possible to pass the SSC CGL exam in the first attempt? This question will excite many of you candidates, which makes you feel more anxious or highly confident about this exam. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Difficulty in choosing Body Building as a career

      Difficulty in choosing Body Building as a                               career

Difficulties in  Carrer option in Body Building
 The main difficulty in choosing bodybuilding as a career is that if a person is that if he/she is not able to participate in the National Level and State Level sports. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020





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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Role of Geography in Competitive Exam(MCQ)

Role of Geography 

in Competitive 


                     Role of Geography in Competitive   Exams(MCQ)
Geography is a practical science. 
Human problems on Earth 
are related to different areas 
of the earth's plane. Geography 
can play an important role in 
resolving these problems.

    Geography is related to Location,

 surrounding, Earth, World and more so

 the scope of Geography is very wide.

    Questions are definitely asked from 

geography in any state or Nation's

 competitive examination.

    If you want to move towards higher 

education after the intercourse, then

you should study it thoroughly and 

systematically with enrollment in 

geography reputation.

    Geography Question asked in 

 various Competitive Exams 

 After graduation prestige, 

 students can get success in their 

 state, country-level BPSC, UPSC

 exam  by selecting Geography as

 the main subject.

Students after completion 

of Graduate from Reputed 

University in Geography can 

go into the field of Teaching 

Secondary and Post Graduate 

Students of Higher Secondary 


There is a great need for such 

teachers at present. 

Ugc Net passed students can 

adopt teaching in college.

     Geography students can get their success in different fields 

by  studying various branches 

of geography. 

      In the field of agricultural 

geography, in the field of 

agriculture, in the field of  industrial geography, 

in the field of occupation, 

in addition to water management, 

soil Nature can protect its 

environment from pollution by 

conservation and more.

      For Preparing Geography Students 

to have to enhance their knowledge 

via Atlas, Globe, and Maps. 

      Various Questions have been asked 

from various sections of Geography in 

Competitive Exams.

   So let's have a look at some basic section (Branch) of Geography 

human geography and physical 


Various Questions have been 

asked on Broadly Indian 

Geography and World Geography 

so let us discuss some common Mcq of Geography asked in various 

Competitive Exams.

                 Mcq of Geography

    1.  how many Galaxies are

 there?  Approximately?

      A  100  Billion Galaxies

      B  100  Billion Galaxies

      C 1000 Billion Galaxies

      D  1000 Billion Galaxies

      E 10000 Billion Galaxies

    The answer is A,100  Billion Galaxies.

     2. The diameter of the Sun is?

     A 19 Lakh km

     B  52 Lakh km

     C  14 Lakh km

     The answer is C,14 Lakh km.

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Easy Tips and Tricks For Solving Aptitude Questions for Competitive Exams

Aptitude Questions importance in
 competitive Exams,

How to solve
 Aptitude Questions(Easy Tips and
 Tricks For Solving Aptitude
 Questions for Comptetive Exams

Easy Tips and Tricks For Solving Aptitude Questions for Competitive Exams

Aptitude is very important for any Competitive Exam, Aptitude Generally checks the ability of students that how to use formula and appropriate methods in solving various mathematical problems (Questions).

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Quarantine yourself from Corona Virus

How to be Quarantine yourself from Corona -Virus

How to be Quarantine yourself from Corona -Virus

As All of Us Known about Corona Virus This is a Virus that kills a human being, Once a person is affected he/she has to be kept in visualization, and under treatment and observation for a certain period, This is termed as Quarantine
    Amidst the Growing threat of Corona Virus Coronavirus, several measures are being brought to protect it.
    Anyone who is suffering from the Coronavirus has to be Home Quarantine ie place him/her in a Home in a separate room and no one should keep direct contact with him/her.
Do you understand the meaning of home quarantine? 

If you have a cold, cough, cold or fever, etc. and you want to keep other people away from this disease along with the people of your home, then you can do a home quarantine.

     This means that while living in your house, take care of yourself.

COVID 19 has been declared as Pandemic.

Novel Corona Virus. Which leads to COVID 19 infection. To corona all over the world. Many countries except China, countries like America, Italy, Spain, and Germany, and many more have been severely affected. 

    Many words are Related and used for this pandemic Virus so I can explain these step by step.

    1. COVID-19  Corona Virus 

The technical name of coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2. The disease that is caused by it is called coronavirus disease. Virus case came out in 2019, A virus is not a disease in itself.         The disease resulting from it is called COVID-19. It shows symptoms like shortness of breath, dry cough, fever.

    2. Self-Isolation

This means isolating yourself from the infected people. This is a defensive step. So that you do not come in contact with people, self-isolation is for a healthy person to cure himself such that to limit yourself to a certain place to go out or to mingle.

       If you do this at home, it is better.

      There is a difference between self- isolation, and self-quarantine. These two cannot be used interchangeably.

  3. Self Quarantine (Self Quarantine)

Affected person symptoms can be monitored and the person concerned can be treated.  

    The advice is to stay in your house. Do not meet anyone, at least go outside. Avoid nearby people contacts, keep a distance of three to six feet from them.

      It is possible to avoid this disease that has spread all over the world only when there is a lot of effort to stay away from infection. 

      If you have been around an infected person, or have been contacted by them, then it is your responsibility not to pursue this virus as a carrier.

    4. Pandemic (Pandemic)

This word is very serious. The World Health Organization (WHO) last week declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. 

    For example, if a disease is confined to America or China only, then it can be called an epidemic. but when he leaves that country and reaches Africa and India, then it will be called Pandemic.

     The global epidemic is called a pandemic. This is a very serious situation. This word is used very thoughtfully.

    5. Social Distancing.

Maintain Sufficient Social Distance is a way to keep self Quarantine.

    social. Distance means distance. It means to meet people, stop contacting them. Do not visit places Such as schools, colleges, music concerts, fests, theaters, etc. 

    Everyone should keep a distance and avoid gathering and crowding at a place and away from public places like schools, cinemas, hospitals, etc No, not emotionally. 

    Physically Most people keep a distance of at least one meter between themselves. 

    This has been called social distancing. Whether you are sick or not, old or young, you should follow it in case of a virus spreading like this.

    6. Incubation

Symptoms of this virus are visible after a certain duration of time. These symptoms take some time to appear so if anyone suspects should be quarantined. 

     In the case of this virus, this time is around two days or in some cases fourteen days. 

    The time it takes for the symptoms to appear is called the incubation period. 

    During this time the person is infected, but due to lack of symptoms, he can spread the virus to other people as well. 

    Keep precautions and please stay away from an infected person. The time it takes to show the symptoms of a virus is called an incubation period. 

    7. Herd immunity

The word Herd means herd. When a large group of people becomes immune to an infectious disease, that is, they become resistant to that disease.

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