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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Professional courses of science: careers are special

Professional courses of science: careers are special

Professional courses of science: careers are special

    The modern form of science is directly related to everyday objects. 

     This is why branches of modern science today appear to be spread over innumerable fields. 

    Special courses have also been started in many universities of the country to study these specific branches of science working in every field of life.
    They have to meet certain pre-determined preparations and conditions for their studies. 
    Today, the era is of inter-disciplinary and applied science.
    One area of ​​science is interacting with another. New topics are coming out from this and new areas of employment are also coming out. 
    Be it biotechnology or biomedical science, genetics, or nuclear science, there is a long list of inter-disciplinary and applied sciences in science, which can be studied to achieve new heights.

Biomedical science : stream of science

This three-year inter-disciplinary course in science provides such a platform to the students at the undergraduate level where they can do research on biomedical science. 

    Under this, students are told about various subjects like Bio-Chemistry, Human Genetics, Medical, Biotechnology, Pathology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Toxicology. 

    A project for research is also given in it. This course is quite popular at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Delhi University.
         In this, students are told about different subjects in three years. 

   In the first year, biochemistry, human physiology, cell biology, pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, biology and physics, etc. are taught. 

     After this, subjects of pathology, genetics, medicinal chemistry, microbiology, etc. are studied in the second year.

     In the last year, two special papers are to be read in addition to Toxicology, Medical, Laboratory Teaching, Social and Preventive Medicine. 

These are medical biotechnology and medical biochemistry.

Microbiology stream of science

Be it food or medicine or other food, their quality check is done by microbiologists.

He is taught this skill under microbiology. Under this branch of science, organisms and germs are studied which are difficult to see with eyes.

Food technology branch of science

The path of food technology in applied courses of science is different from others. 

    This course is being taught exclusively in specialist colleges of science. Such as Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Science and Rajguru College of Applied Science for Women at Delhi University. 

    Along with food processing and packaging in the curriculum, special attention is now being paid to food safety and quality.

    Apart from Mathematics and General Biology in this three-year degree course, there is a physics paper, a big part is based on food technology.

    In addition to the Practicals of Principles of Food Science and Processing and Food and Nutritionist, the Practicals of Advanced Food Science and Food Engineering and Packaging are taught separately.

Earth Science  branch of science

This science studies the movements and changes occurring inside the earth. Minerals and many other substances are extracted from the ground. 

    Their study forms part of the subject. The new form of geology has now emerged as Earth Science. 

    It is taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels by the IITs and many prestigious universities of the country, including the University of Delhi.

    After three years of graduation in this course, one is directly enrolled in MSc at Delhi University. There are a total of 10 semesters. Education at IIT is at the postgraduate level. 

    It provides an opportunity to study various aspects of Earthscience such as geophysics, hydrology, oceanography, environmental science, planetary science, meteorology, ecology, and soil science.


The journey of photonics, which began fifty years ago with the invention of the laser, has left a significant impact in the field of telecommunications. 

    Photonics technology is mainly used in imaging, health care, medicine, defense, optics, and electronics fields. 

    This technique is also used in biotechnology, microbiology, medical science, surgery, and life science. Apart from this, it is also used in industrial manufacturing, entertainment, etc.

    It is a subject related to quantum physics. Photonics studies the technique of generating, extracting, and sending light from one place to another. It studies at the undergraduate level. 

  One who has completed 12th with fifty percent marks in science can graduate in Photonics and Optoelectronics. 
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