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Sunday, September 6, 2020

What are The Best Career Options Available After 12th

Career Options after 12th Class


Career Options after 12th Class  WHAT ARE THE BEST CAREER OPTIONS AFTER 12?

Gone are the days when students did not have any special career options 

after 12th and they used to 

live in the same the dilemma 

as to what course to choose after

12th and in which career. 

    There was a time when after completing the 12th, students did not have many decision's  regarding Best career options and they lived in tension wondering what subject or course they 

should choose which could 

help in shaping their future.

But now it is not so. 

   Now after 12th, a wide 

range of different courses 

and career options are open, 

from which students can 

choose according to their 

choice and scope. 

    But while making the 

choice, students also need 

to keep in mind how many 

possibilities are there 

in the course or the line 

they are choosing.

   There are some things that

students must keep in mind 

while choosing a course:

After 12th science,best carrier option? 

Best opportunity? Best chance? 

What should be done after the 12th?

I will try to answer this question?

so Read my article thoroughly

and in the last you are in a 

position to decide which is 

the best carrier option for 


1- First of all, see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the course you are going to choose. 

That is, see how beneficial 

that course will be for you 

in future.

2- After the 12th, various 

types of advertisements and 

campaigns are run on courses 

to entice the students. 

   But students should not 

fall into their trap and 

choose the career option 

course only after thorough 


3- Students should also keep 

in mind their interest while 

choosing the career option 


    Looking at the growing 

demand for engineering and 

IT, you are thinking about 

making a career option in 


but if you are not

interested in both these 

fields, then do not make 

any mistake in going to 

these fields.

4- Do not choose any course 

or stream as a career option 

By only one factor that your 

friend is doing that.   

    Whatever course or 

institute you choose,be 

sure to know about its

recognition,faculty, and 

placement performance. 

    This will save you from 

being victim of fraud.

    Here are some Best tips 

that you can choose as your 

career after 12th:

    Professional courses

    Professional courses 

have their own charm. 

    Students may choose 

these professional courses 

after 12th. 

    If they want, they can 

do any course related to IT 

and management. Bachelor of 

Business Management (BBA), 

Bachelor of Computer 

Applications (BCA), 

     Diploma in Hotel 

Management,Diploma in 

Hotel Management and

Catering Technology, 

Bachelor in Information 

Technology (BIT), 

Promotion and Sales 


Travel and Tourism, Fashion 


    Event There are many 

professional courses such 

as management, public 


which are in great demand. 

    These are areas in which 

there is a lot of job scope.

 What are the Best Career 

Options in Defense services

If you want to do something for the country, then there are different courses for this too. 

    Such as National Defense Services. 

    Many schools start preparing for NDA examinations from class 11 onwards.

   Students can also give this exam in class 12th. 

      On clearing, training and related studies start directly in your NDA.

Scope in the medical field

What are the career options 

in science stream?

    If students want to 

pursue a career in the 

medical field, they can 

do BSc(Science),Bpharma or 

BSc (Hons) from reputed 

institute after 12th. 

         There are many career options

available in Science,

Few Among them are Physiotherapy,

Medical Lab Technology,

Nutrition and Dietetion,Paramedical Science,Optometry etc.

    Besides these ,you can opt for MBBS 
or MS , MD for Higher Packages.
    NEET is mandatory for taking admission in government medical colleges for MBBS

    Nowadays there is also 

an option to graduate in 

subjects like biotechnology,

genetics, electronics. 

    You can also do 

engineering or medical 

course after 12th. 

But for this, it is

necessary to pass the 

entrance exam.    


What are The Best Career Options Available After 12th

What are the career options in commerce 

and computer science

Increasing demand for commerce and computer science

    There are also many career options in the field of commerce, from which students can choose from their choice. 

    In this stream, students can pursue golden careers in fields like MBA, CS, CA, Financial Analyst in the future. 

    The demand for computer science courses has increased significantly. 

    Many colleges have a BSc (Hons) Computer Science course. 

    There is no shortage of career options after doing this course.

What are the Best Commerce Courses After 12th:

  Students of Commerce can take admission in these Courses after 12th

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

• Company Secretary (CS)

BCom in Accounting and Commerce 


BCA (IT & Software) 

• BBA / BMS Most of the boards have issued 10th and 12th results.

   Students have received the fruits of hard work of the year. And now is the time to choose the path ahead.

    The roads that will determine the direction of their future. Therefore, it is very important to take this decision thoughtfully.

Arts, Commerce or Science…

    Every stream student thinks about making a career in their own field.

   Talking of commerce, the students of commerce do not have a shortage of career options but it is important to choose the right course for themselves.

This task should be easy for you, so we are giving you information about some selected courses, which can prove to be very helpful in your career.

   Chartered Accountancy (CA) Chartered Accountancy i.e. CA is a course through which commerce students can proceed to become Chartered Accountant.

   The most keenness of students can be seen in India about this course.

    12th must be passed with at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized board or university.

    Company Secretary (CS) or CS is also the most popular course in students after CA. 

     Company Secretary (CS) can be done after scoring 50 per cent marks in the 12th. 

    After doing this course, immense possibilities of job opens.

     After this course, the student qualifies to become a company secretary.

BCom in Accounting and Commerce Bachelor of Commerce i.e.

    BCom is a Bachelor degree and can be done from any university or other educational institution.

  BBA LLB The Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law Honors is an undergraduate administrative law professional integrated course.

 Students who choose BBA LLB study Business Administration and Law. 

    Any student who is 12th with minimum 50% marks is considered eligible for this course.

   There are many colleges studying LLB in the country.

    For which entrance test is also conducted. BCA (IT & Software)

     If you love computers, then this course is for you.

     Yes .. BBA is especially for students who wish to know the world of computer languages.

     A BCA degree is considered equivalent to a BTech / BE degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.    

    A candidate who has passed 12th with any subject with Mathematics is considered eligible for this, but remember that 12th must be scored with 45% marks.

    BBA / BMS The Bachelor of Business Administration ie BBA and Bachelor of Management Studies ie

    BMS plays an important role for the Masters.

    BBA / BMS is a Bachelor degree for pursuing a career in Business Management.  

   Which can be done after doing 12th in 

any stream from a recognized board or 


   But for this, at least 50 per cent marks should be in 12th standard.

   Although this course can be done by students of any stream, it becomes even easier for students of commerce to understand it.

   So these are some courses that can give the right direction to your career so that your future can be bright.

   After 12th, the students of commerce can choose the path not only in these courses but also in all courses related to the field of arts.

What is the best option (career) after 

taking Arts stream?

Arts also dominated

Even though many students 

and parents underestimate 

the arts as compared to 

other streams, the truth 

is that the field of arts 

also has immense potential.     

      Arts stream students

can prepare for civil

services Exam after 12th. 

    Earlier people believed that there is not much scope in the field of arts, but today there are many career options available for careers in it. 

    There are many subjects in the arts, by studying in which you can achieve a good position in the government and private sectors. 

    You can graduate in Economics, Psychology, History, Philosophy, etc. After graduation from the arts, you can go to civil services. 

    Apart from this, you have many options in MBA, Journalism, Market Analysis, Teaching, Anthropology, Human Resource, MSW, etc.

What are the Career options after 12th humanity?


In this Article I will Explain all the Relevant Information needed for

    Making your career option in Humanity.

    Amazing New career options are available for Humanity so let's discuss Best

    Career options in Humanity.

After the science and commerce at the tenth and twelfth levels, the Humanities stream remains before the students or parents. 

    Although students and parents do not place this stream first or second in their priority, 

    But with the changing times, the sky of possibilities associated with this stream has also expanded considerably. 

    Just the students need to know and understand the Humanities stream and the opportunities contained therein.             Humanities were seen until a few years ago as a stream that is either for the less intelligent or for those aspiring to become teachers. 

    But at present, this notation has become irrelevant. Humanities can now lead to higher positions, greater achievements, and progress.

    Apart from teaching, there are hundreds of jobs available in it, which are interesting as well as their work-nature. 

    The Humanities Stream puts you unlimited options. 

    If not sure, then look at any field related to human activities, you will find the students of Humanities working with success in every field. 

    What is Humanities This stream mainly consists of human society and its beliefs. 

    The study is done. Through this, an effort is made to understand how people express themselves through art, religion, literature, architecture, and other creative works, etc. 

    Researchers in this stream use analytical and hypothetical methods for this purpose. 

    This stream is broadly divided into Performing Arts (Music), Visual Arts, Religion, Law, Ancient / Modern Languages, Philosophy, Literature History Geography, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, etc.

    Besides above mentioned career options some amazing and new career options are awaiting you in Humanity.

    So lets Begin:

Relation :

International Relation, Political Relation

In simple terms, 'international politics' means 'doing politics among states'. 

    If we study the meaning of 'politics', three major elements emerge 

(A) existence of groups; 

(B) consent between groups

(c) fulfillment of their interests by groups. 

    If we assess this effect internationally, then these three elements are mainly - 

(1) the existence of states

(2) conflict between states  

(3) use of power to fulfill their            national interests.    

    Apart from this, apart from 'states', many other factors have now become the subject area of ​​international politics. Therefore, today individuals,           

    Its present base and subject area has taken a very wide form today.

Cultural Relation

    Culture is considered a central concept in anthropology, which includes the range of events that are transmitted through social learning in human society. Cultural universality is found in all human societies. 

    These include expressive forms such as art, music, dance, rituals, religion and technique use of equipment, cooking, shelter, and clothing.

    In the humanities, an understanding of culture as a characteristic of the individual has been the degree to which they have cultivated a particular level of sophistication in art, science, education, or etiquette.

    Levels of cultural sophistication are also sometimes used to distinguish civilizations from less complex societies.        

    Culture is a set of knowledge 

acquired over time.

    Business Relation

What is the business relationship?

Business relationships are those relationships that exist between all entities engaged in commerce.

     It includes relationships between various stakeholders in any business networks, 

    such as employers and employees, employers and business partners, and a business associate with all companies.

    How do business relationships work

    The company's business relationships may include a long list of customers, vendors, sales leads, potential             customers, banks, stockbrokers, media, and service providers. 

Business relationships may include customers, vendors, potential customers, banks, stockbrokers, media, and service providers.

Effective business 

relationships include

communication strategies that 

can lead to greater employee 


Above Mentioned Courses are Best for choosing career options.

    Students can do a degree from the above-mentioned courses from Below mentioned Reputated University.

    PDPU(Pandit Deendyal University )Gujarat Graduation and Post Graduation Degree in Public Relations Stream of Humanity After 12th.

    BA Political Science (Major subject as International Relation)

    Jawahar Lal Nehru University Best in India Offer BA Political Science (Major subject as International Relation)

    Students also opt for Master’s, Post 

Graduation Degree in Public Relation 

Stream of Humanity After 12th

    After Completion of Degree there are many career options available in Humanity few among them are Work with Governmenert as well as Various Consulting Firms.         Media consultancy and Firms required a large Number of Humanity Graduates.

     Humanities are subjects that can be followed by post-graduation in 

professional courses like Law,

Journalism, Business Administration, 

Media and Advertising and Communication.

      The importance of Humanities in the common life can also be judged from this It is possible that now reputed technical institutes like IITs are also offering courses in Humanities and Social Sciences.

     IIT Madras conducts a five-year integrated MA course in Humanities for the twelfth pass students.

Best Career Options Available After 12th in Humanity

     For admission to this course, the  institute conducts an entrance examination every year under the name HSEE (Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination).

    Similarly, IIT Gandhinagar is conducting a course called MA in Society and Culture at the postgraduate level.

    Another course is UCEED,

Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) IIT Mumbai

         If you are having a Quality of 

visualization and sketching then UCEED 

is the best Couse for you.

        Student can explore its creativity in (UCEED) IIT Mumbai


There is always a scope of Law Undergraduates and Post Graduate best 

Students in Law is a best career option

Law is further classified into various categories(streams)

    1)         Corporate Law

    2)         Cyber Law

    3)         International Lawdent

    4)             Environmental Law

    5)         Criminal Law

   For any disputes among companies and firms there are Corporate Lawyers.

  Reputed corporate companies or Firm Rewards Handsome Salary for their authorized Lawyers.

  Cyber Law is Related to Internet Fraud, Experts in Cyberlaw draw Handsome Salary.

  You have options available, Either work with Government, External Affairs Ministry Required Experts Lawyers or 

Join in Private Sector.


DTU Delhi offered various courses for Designing.

     Few Among them are Product Design, Industry Design, etc

     How to design any product, what are the requirements of Product etc are Key phases in Designing.

     Scope of Bachelor(Design) is not Limited.


Psychology is actually reading the Minds and thoughts of a person.

     There are various streams in Psychology

     A few important among them are Health, Child and Clinician 

     You can work with any organization or you can run your own identical firm after graduate in Psychology.

     If someone has a problem regarding health or the clinical issue then a Psychologist is needed.

        Liberal Arts

If someone wants to acquire a Degree having Arts, History and Political Science than a Combination of Degree 

is termed as Liberal Arts.

      CICDU (Delhi University) Issue a Degree for Cluster Innovation.

      Basically, students can Enroll in

Any one of these in Liberal Arts

    1)    BA Social Science and Humanities

    2)    Btech with Maths Innovation             (Computing)

       Maths subject is mandatory for Btech(Innovation) Computing

      So the scope of Liberal Art is unlimited.

     Students can opt for a career in Journalism , Art and Design, Psychology  Management etc

      There is a separate Entrance Exam after 12th for Admission in the above 


    Few Top University in India offers Liberal Arts (UG/PG) Courses.

   1)Ambedkar University in Delhi

   2)Anant National University in Delhi

   3)Ahmadabad University at Ahmadabad

   4) Flame University Pune

   BBA(Mass Communication)

 Best course for a career in Film making, Advertisements, Ads Making and Top 

Management-related Jobs.

         English (Honours)

    Students can opt Generalism as a career after Degree in English(Honours)

    Content writer, Article Writer for Print as well as the Digital Media Platform.

    Students also opt for Personal Manager(PR) Jobs after Degree in        English(Honours)

    Scope of Humanities is beyond Limitation, You can create a Brand 


    For any Product or company, Slogan /Punch for any product, Work with Ad Agency.

    Also, work with some Advertisements Management

    Expertise in design Favour’s you in UI(User Interface)/UX Design(Product Design)

    Also, the design of Furniture enlighten your career options

   Course IICD (Indian Institute of Crafts and Design) Jaipur is the Best Course for Craft and Design.

   Designing Jewellery and Interior Design are Worthwhile.

   After Degree in Designing, you can work with the Government or in Private Sector

   After Degree in Geography(Humanity) you can work with Government in GIS (Geographical Information System)or in Private Sector

   After Degree in History(Humanity) you can work with Government in

   Archeological Department or in Museum or in Private Sector.

   In the last but not least Teaching Job is Always preferable for stude

Who Enjoy Teaching(Humanity)

a career.

Teaching(Humanity) Job is Evergreen 

job in school /Institutions /colleges /University

   As per your Experience and Degree, you will get handsome salary in Teaching.

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