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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What are the Top Best ways to Increase Organic Traffic on your Blog / Website

Top Ways to Get Organic Traffic to
your Blog/website

There are many Tools and Techniques  that  are used for getting traffic to your 

Blog website /webpage.

I am discussing some Important Key 


Traffic on your Website /Webpage 

by Rank

More is your website Rank 

More chances are that your 

website/ webpage appears on 

top of search engine result.

You need to constantly reach out

For Ranking your website try to do SEO.

On-page SEO is related to content 

and coding of your website/webpage.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is related to

Advertisements of your website


     Use SEO Techniques  to increase Blog Traffic

Main points to be noted :

Add a link to Social media platform :

Link of popular media like Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn should 

be there in your website.

Another main point :

Role of Backlinks in Ranking 

and Generating Traffic on 

your Blog/website

Backlinks are a link of your webpage 

on other website /webpage .

so that chances are there that user when 

visit to that website via link of your 

website can visit your website/


Simple steps for SEO backlink for

Generating traffic on your website:

Try to create Backlinks on a Popular


DA -> Domain Authority.

PA.–> Page Authority.

These are the Calculations that have been moz.

More is the DA Domain Authority

More chances of website ranking


and questionhub.google.com

Above mentioned websites have

High DA and PA.

An easy way to create a back-link is to 

write answers to the unanswered 

questions available on the internet.

Related to your topic /subject.

Best way to do this via comments

on the websites.

www.quora.com and


User after login via gmail login 

search questions related to

topic /subject and then answer 

the question.

Provide website/webpage  link

in the last line.

If you write directly about your

website /webpage then Quora will

block your account for 2 weeks .

So try to do smart work

Provide your answer in about 10-15 sentence  and then in the last provide a link of your website/webpage.

If you are interested in reading

that How to Get Organic Traffic 

from Quora?

Please read my already written 

blog on Quora.

How to increase organic traffic 

from Quora on your Blog ?

How to Create a Unique content Blog

Try to index your website or webpage as early as possible.

I have already written a Blog

regarding How to create a

Unique Content Blog and Index it easily in search Engine.

click here visit my blog 

Your competitors may be taking

actions to which causes them to rank [9]

Your competitors may be taking actions to improve their site, which causes them to rank higher and bump your listing down.

A pro tip is to use your other online resources ( website, Instagram, etc ) to get them indexed faster and ranking better.[2]

list by sharing them in the comments below.[0]

Strategies to have better content that drives more traffic from search engines are known as Search Engine Optimization[4]

One of the most effective means to increase organic website traffic is to rise to the top of the search engine ranks.[3]

Also within our library is the How To: SEO section is devoted to practical tips and tactics about search engine optimization.[12]

It also features tips and advice from SEO experts on implementing them to achieve greater visibility and higher rankings in organic search results.[12]

In the context of SEO, a strong defense comes from diversifying your tactics, building a strong brand, and having a website that Google wants to rank[0]

Subscribe to our daily brief newsletter for a recap of all the latest SEO related news, tips, and tactics from Search Engine Land and other sources all over. That’s why it’s important to utilize multiple strategies to bring new visitors to your site while keeping old visitors engaged and more likely to return.

Therefore, you need to employ multiple strategies to bring new visitors to your site and keep old visitors engaged with your content.

When improving the user experience, it’s important to go beyond the tools to understand what your users want and like.[0]

Channel Goals: Because Taboola focuses solely on promoting content, the goal here is to get more traffic for your website content pieces, like blog posts and news stories.[11]

Channel Goals: To drive website traffic through brand awareness with campaigns promoting specific content pieces as well as products and services. [11]

Analyze the SEO  of Any website

This is the best Tools

For website How your website 

is doing online, ie It displays the 

contents /searches page Only you 

have to enter your domain.

Then click on

Get Back Link Data [2]

This will show you the actual performance of your website and your all pages.

The truth is that a major problem for search engines is to determine the source of content that is available on multiple URLs. [7]

Angela Ash of Flow SEO adds: “Determining if your clicks are from new or returning visitors can be key in determining your marketing strategy.[5]

If you want your website to attract more 

traffic, you If your website currently loads 

slower than you ‘d like, Your new design may 

be great and better for your audience, but you 

need your page to be optimized for SEO for it 

to take full effect on your Google makes 

constant efforts to improve the search 

algorithm and detect quality content and that is 

why it rolled out the Google Panda 4.0 update.

At the same time, it appears that Google has 

begun to experiment with showing whether a 

search result is mobile-friendly or not alongside search results. [0]


Best Tools (SEO) For Ranking

/Generating Traffic in website

Google Search Console


Best Tools (SEO) For Ranking /Traffic 

Organizing for your website in search engine

Google Search Console

I have already discussed a lot about Google search console in my blog How to create a 

unique blog and index it easily in search 


Google Search Console  not only useful for indexing website or webpages 

in Google search engine, 

But also helpful in seobility 

of your website/webpaage.

Another Main advantage :

That it organizes many activities related to 

your website and webpages.

Organic traffic details with demographic locations are also 

If any webpage is having some error 

regarding SEO and indexing it is shown by 

Google Search Console. So after removing 

that particular error in your webpage you 

can again  Index that webpage.

Google Analytics :

As the name suggests

Uses your website for generating many types 

of reports.

You can customize your reports based on your


You can add multiple websites for analysis purpose . 

The audience report is also generated by 

Google Analytics.

You can track your all activities regarding 

visitors Location, Area , Clicks, etc in Your 

custom reports.

Seo check

Seo check will display any relevant information related to /Your website, Seobility is checked by Seo check.

These are the following points that Seo check. 

Will Cover in details.

Meta specifications Title, meta description,crawlibility, Canonical URL,Domain for SEO, Page URL and more…  User can register for free in Seo check

Check your seobility for free regarding Many 

Parameters of SEO.

SEO CHECK is a Mobile Application that can 

be Easily downloaded in mobile from 


Only paste your website URL or Domain in 

Space provided rest SEO Check will display 

Your result SEO. [13]


The point of “Search Engine Optimization” is to get organic exposure through search engines it doesn’t necessarily have to be your website.


The best content doesn’t always have the best 

organic search traffic, yet search engines are trying to rank sites following their content.[7]

The truth is that a major problem for search 

engines is to determine the source of content 

that is available on multiple URLs.[7]

To get the whole bundle of internal links for 

your website, in the same Search Console, you 

need to go to the Search Traffic > Internal Links

But it is a very big problem for you if you are having duplicate content ( internally or externally ) as the search engines don’t know 

which version of the content is the original one 
and which one they should be ranking.
I’ll get to the point – I just read article on 
“Best SEO Training” on the [ BLOG NAME ] 


If you want your website to attract more traffic, you need to make sure your new site is optimized for SEO.[9]

If your website currently loads slower than you 

‘d like, I ‘ve written extensively about how to improve your page loading speed here.

Your new design may be great and better 

for your audience, but you need your 

page to be optimized for SEO for it to take full 

effect on your [0]

Google makes constant efforts to improve the 

search algorithm and detect quality content 

and that is why it rolled out the Google Panda 

4.0 update.[7]

At the same time, it appears that Google has 

begun to experiment by showing whether a 

search result is mobile-friendly or not along 

side search results.[0]

The top search result on Google has a 

clickthrough rate ( CTR ) of 30 – 34 % ( 

depending on the device used ).

I had access to their WordPress dashboards to 

make sure they did the assigned work and we 

installed Google Analytics to track the results.


To track the success of your paid traffic 

campaigns across these three platforms, make 

sure all ad URLs have UTM codes that can be 

tracked in Google Analytics.[1]

In Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see all 

the essential site metrics, such as average time 

on page, bounce rate, the number of page views and other analytics[11]

When a webmaster checks their referral traffic 

in Google Analytics they’ll see the name of the 

website and be inclined to visit.[6]

In this type of traffic, you buy traffic to your 

website and direct the paid traffic to earn more 

from it.[4]

You may think that the best way to sell website 

traffic is the way that generates the highest 

income, but it’s not.


When you are looking for more ways how to 

increase website traffic for free, getting on the 

blog train is a no brainer.[3]

Yet, in terms of costs – benefits, it might 

“cost” you the traffic of your website, the 

revenue of your business.[7]

If you run an online business, traffic is your 

lifeblood because it enables your business 

model to work and pay your bills.[2]

    You might know by now that unnatural links 

can get you into trouble and can cause a 

sudden drop in organic traffic.


Yet, if you are determined in screwing up your Google organic traffic, having a lot of unnatural links might not be enough.[7]

The problem is they’re not good enough to rely on that factor yet and major organic traffic drop can come from this direction.[7]

If we ranked Teami as a Teavana replacement — which we could do — people will check the site and know that we sell tea, but they won’t take it seriously because they don’t trust us yet that we are a good Teavana replacement.[8]

However, there is one thing that can mess up 

things for your website while moving your site to https; and that is the canonical tag.[7]

It is worrisome to see your website losing traffic after you put in the time and effort to make it great.[9]

At the end of the day, the less time you have to deal with hacking and data leakages, the more 

time you can focus on growing your website.


This feels like an old school tactic, but it’s still 

true that the more links you have to your site, 

the better[2]

When migrating your website from one domain to another, if you want to make sure you 

instantly lose any traffic to your website that you are currently enjoying and all your new 

visitors will be greeted with a 404 page, do not 

implement proper redirects.[7]

In the first case, you buy only the traffic ( for example, from Facebook Ads ) or directly pay 

to the social account’s owners.[4]

Publishers who are buying ads from you usually pay less than in CPA, as these models 

are created for the mass market.[4]

In the following examples, we’ll use an 

example budget of $ 3,000 to drive 20,000 visits to your new company’s website.[11]

Podcasting is HUGE these days, and one of the 

best ways to grow a podcast audience is to 

invite influential people onto your podcast.[2]

Using audience and topic targeting, Taboola is 

a great option to get your content read by more 

audiences and recommended on websites where it might not have been shown.

So, get one or two podcasts under your belt ( or launch your own ) then start targeting 

podcast producers to get onto their shows.[2]

Many of them also allow you to segment down 

by demographics or target by keywords so that 

you hit your ideal audience[2]

Research and keyword analysis help you 

diagnose the issue with suggested keywords 

that successfully perform at bringing leads to 

your pages[3]

Piggybacking off the previous example, when 

performing keyword research we found 

Google displayed completely different SERPs 

for keywords that all classified what Dr. Smood offered.[8]

Businesses can also research and observe the 

competition to find out what works by 

borrowing topics and keywords on popular 


While performing keyword research for them, 

we found a ton of search volume around 

people looking for reviews of products they 


What would you prefer: 30 journalists writing 

about you in 3 mil articles or 100 journalists 

writing about you in 1.000 articles?

The most popular forms of content marketing 

are in the form of social media content, case 

studies, blogs, reviews, and newsletters.[10]

Some companies do daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters that curate content from around their industry, and many of these have a lot of subscribers.[2]

Throughout 2014, I experimented with a wide 

range of content marketing techniques, from 

info-graphics and videos to a myriad of weird 

and wonderful blogging formats[0]

Whether this is a weekly newsletter or a daily 

piece of content to teach and sell, this is the 

best way to keep your users engaged.[2]

Learn more about our marketing programs and 

If you don’t think you can handle making the

 changes on your own, you can invest in page 

speed services from a digital marketing 


If you’re a B2B company, partnerships can be a great way to drive relevant traffic that is 

ready to convert to your site.[2]

A digital marketing agency is an excellent 

resource for building a new, robust website or 

updating an old, slow, boring one that makes 

people flee quickly.[3]

If you don’t feel confident that you can make these fixes, you can always rely on a digital 

marketing company to help you get your 

website back on track.[9]

There you’ll find the total number of your 

indexed pages along with a graphic display of 

its evolution in the Index Status[7]

That will tell Google not to index the page but 

at the same time to crawl other pages that are 

linked from it.

This way you’ll have a list with all the pages 

from your website ( indexed or not ) and also 

the number of links pointing to each.[7]

Just by looking at the number of links and having an ongoing concern of multiplying the 

links won’t take you to the first page on 


If you don’t want your search traffic dropped, 

in the Google Index you should only have 

pages that you’re interested in ranking.[7]

Once you know the pages that pull you down, 

as painful as it might be sometimes, you need to start to no – index those pages.[7]

To fully understand what is bot traffic, we must first explore the different types of 

automated bots out there and what they do.[6]

Stopping bot traffic from harming your website is completely possible, but the solution 

will depend on the type of bot traffic that is 

affecting your site.[6]

Although automated bot traffic does get quite a 

negative reputation from webmasters, there is 

range of good bots out there that are only 

trying to help.[6]

The term bot traffic is usually viewed as being 

negative, but it ultimately depends on what the bot is trying to achieve[6]


[0] dominate-the-search-results

[1] long-take-see-organic-search




[5]: daily-seo-metrics










Free SEO tools:

Google search Console

Google Analytics

Screaming frog


Feel free to ask any question

/query at —


[email protected]

so stay tuned for further updates