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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Easy Tips and Tricks For Solving Aptitude Questions for Competitive Exams

Aptitude Questions importance in
 competitive Exams,

How to solve
 Aptitude Questions(Easy Tips and
 Tricks For Solving Aptitude
 Questions for Comptetive Exams

Easy Tips and Tricks For Solving Aptitude Questions for Competitive Exams

Aptitude is very important for any Competitive Exam, Aptitude Generally checks the ability of students that how to use formula and appropriate methods in solving various mathematical problems (Questions).

The makeup of Aptitude Questions

Generally, Aptitude Questions are asked from the syllabus up to 10th class standard.
     Aptitude Questions are based on the Mathematical Concept.
     Students need Lot of practice for solving Aptitude Questions and for Timely solving 
     How to solve Aptitude Questions
     For Solving Aptitude Questions there are Topic Wise  Many   Short Tricks and tips for Different Types of Aptitude Questions.

Students have to solve too many Questions with accuracy in a limited time.
    Aptitude Questions are very important for Some Competitive Exams like Banks and Railway, and many more.
There are many competitive exams in which there is a high weightage of Aptitude Questions.
Especially in the Banking sector Competitive Exam, It is mandatory that you have to be quick in solving these questions.
Aptitude questions are actually related to math so Accuracy is obtained in it.

There are many short tricks and techniques when you will solve so many questions related to some specific topics.
It is easy for you to solve many questions with accuracy in a limited time period.
Some of the important topics of aptitude are
1 Time and Distance
2  Arthematic Questions
3 Age-related Questions.
4 Work and Person related questions
5 Simple interest /Compound Interest Related
    Lets discuss some points which is very essential for solving Aptitude Questions in exam

    If there is no negative marking in exam (MCQ)

    Then you have to attempt

Every question and if it is

right by guessing then

you will get marks 

and otherwise you will loose

only marks that are assigned

to question.

Check if there is Negative

Marking in Your Exam then

You have to calculate the

Risk factor.

There is a Formula for calculating

Risk Factor.

Option * Negative Marks < 1

If this condition satisfies then 

Lets I will explain this by example

If there are 04 options in a Question and 

Negative Marking is (-1/3).

Placing the values we get.

Option * Negative Marks < 1

4* (-1/3) <1

So we get 4/3 <1

Which is True

So we can take risk in such case and 

apply guessing.

Take another example

If there are 05 options

available in a Question

and Negative Marking

is (-1/4).

Placing the values we get.

Option * Negative Marks < 1

   5 * 1/4 < 1

We will get

5/4  < 1

Which is Wrong

So we cannot apply

Guessing in such case

Now I will discuss How to solve the aptitude questions in simple way.

Some Useful Tips and Tricks  By using which you can solve the aptitude questions in smart way.

Students or anyone who is appearing in any competitive Exam must have to solve the Apptitude Questions .

Aptitude  Questions can be solved in many ways .

The Best way to solve Aptitude Question is to solve these questions immediately and quickly.

Practice makes you perfect in solving these Questions.

So Let’s Discuss some important Tips and Tricks for solving such aptitude questions with suitable example.

1)     Lets Take an Example.

(i) Principal Amount=2000,

Time= 2 Year and Rate

 of interest is 14% Per

Annum Calculate

Compound Interest =?  

Now using Traditional /Conventional  Method you can solve this question as follow.

 By using formula





 Substitute value in above formula ie

Principal Amount=2000 ,

Time=2 Year and Rate of

interest is 14% Per Annum

We can calculate the answer

Compound Interest.

But it will take around 2

minute for such calculation.

Now using Effective Percentage Case  Method you can solve this question in a smart way and quick as follow.

 A + B+ A*B/100  

 Here A and B are Rate of interest of first year and second year Respectively.

 Now in our case Rate of interest is only given so it is same for both years.

So  putting values in  above trick we get

A + B + A*B/100  

 14+14 + 14*14/100


 Answer is  29.96 %

Approximately around 30% of Principle


 Answer = 6000

 So while solving aptitude questions students have to use many tricks and shortcut 

Methods for solving the questions quickly. 

Now let us discuss another method of solving the aptitude questions quickly.

 Substitution Method

 Back Tracking is the fastest way to get the correct answer.

 Let us discuss this method with an example. 


1)               Age of two persons A and B are in a ratio of 7:4

After 5 years there ratio of ages are 11:7

Now find the Age of A ? 


(A ) 12     (B) 14    (C) 15    (D) 28


A/B = 7/4

So Age of A =7

or multiple of 7

option A is not possible because it is 12

(not multiple of 7)

Option B is  possible because it is 14

( multiple of 7)

Now taking this we get

A= 14

After 5 years 14 +5 = 19

Now 19 is not a multiple of 11

So it is not a answer

Now taking next option we get

A= 28

After 5 years 28 +5 = 33

Now 33 is  a multiple of 11

So it is a answer

Answer is  28

Elliminate Method: We can find three wrong answer easily

Lets us solve by taking example.   

Q )   

(?)2 + (79)2 = (172)2 – (88)2 – 8203

Options are :

A)     86  B) 89 C) 18


Solution :

Check Unit digit of all options

In the given question first take LHS and then RHS.

So in LHS

79 last digit is 9

(9)2 =81

Unit digit is 1(one)

So (79)2 =1

Now taking R.H.S

(172)2 =4

Unit digit is 2 and its square is having unit digit 4

Now next term in RHS

(88)2 = 4

Unit digit is 8 and its square is having a unit digit 4


Next Term is 8203

It is a complete number

So take directly unit digit ie 3

8203 = 3 (unit digit)

Now We get

LHS =1

RHS = 4 – 4 - 3

So RHS= 0 - 3

Here Keep in mind

Do not calculate

0-3= - 3 as Answer.

Carry 1 from left so

0 is now 10


10 - 3 = 7

So RHS  = 7

NOW compare


 (?)2 + 1 = 7

(?)2 = 7-1

(?)2 = 6

?= Square root of 6

We Know that any number ends in 6 its square root has 4 and 6 in its last unit place.

So we get 4/6 as unit digit.

Check from all options in the given question

Only unit place

So only option A

Has 6 in its unit place.

Answer of this question is (A) 86

There are many Books available on the market related to Preparation of Aptitude Questions.

I will describe in details some Books that are
useful in Preparation of Aptitude Test in 2020.

    Top 05 Books for Competitive
     Exam Preparation for Aptitude
         Test in 2020.
Easy Tips and Tricks For Solving Aptitude Questions for Competitive Exams
1.Kiran Mathematics (Quantitative                Aptitude)
Quickest .
Basically covers All the Solved Papers
of SSC from year 2007 to year 2017.
Covers All the Topics of Aptitude.
2 Quantitive Aptitude (S .C Chand)
    R .S .Agarwal.
 Best Book for All the Students
 Basically for Arts ,Biology stream 
 Basic concepts are explained in 
 detailed .
3.  Fast Track (Objective Arithmetic)
Arhihant Publication (Rajesh Verma)  
Best Book for all students , Some Short
Tips and Tricks have been discussed.
You can increase your speed using this             book tips and tricks.
4.  Quantitative Aptitude Competitive 
Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication.
Abhijit Guha (English Medium Only)
Best Book for All students for Aptitude.
5.    Quantitative Aptitude ,Quantum -
Arhihant Publication(Sarvesh Kumar                Verma) For All Comptetive Exams
GMAT,CSAT and More.
All concepts wise detailed Analysis 
is provided.
This is one of the best Book for the
Preparation of Aptitude for any                           competitive exam.
So I will cover Atmost All
the Important Aptitude
Topics (Tips and Tricks)
in my next Coming Blogs.
So stay tuned daily for Latest Updates.
   If  you have any doubt / Question regarding my blog please feel free to contact me at
careerjobtech@gmail.com and [email protected]
so stay Tuned with my blogs Regarding Jobs, Information, and Career 

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