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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

How To Use QUORA (Online Question /Answer Community) For Getting Tremendous Organic Traffic on Your Website /Blog

How To Use QUORA 

(Online Question /Answer

Community) For Getting 

Tremendous Organic Traffic 

on Your Website /Blog

How To Use QUORA (Online Question /Answer Community) For Getting Tremendous Organic Traffic on Your Website /Blog

we keep searching many questions in  

Google, today I will  tell you a platform 

with the  help of this platform, 

You can easily answer any question

and also ask questions.

 Now we talk about how we can use 

 Quora and how we can  get our

 answers by asking my questions.

History About Quora

Quora is founded by Adam D’Angelo 

Charlie Cheever 

in June 2009 Current Century 

and Headquarter of 

Quora is in Mountain View, 

California, U.S

            What is Quora 

In this post, we will learn about 

 Quora in detail, it was started 

 in June 2009, 

    It is an American 

 question-answer website in 

 which you can join and get 

answers to your questions.

      If you have any questions 

in your mind, you can ask 

easily and You can also read 

the questions asked by other 

people and their answers.

      Initially, Quora was available

 only in English, now it is 

also available in the Hindi 

language and is emerging fast in 


     I will tell you the best way 

of downloading Quora on Mobile.

    Go to your mobile  play store and 

download the application of Quora, 

from there and then register yourself

in it.

     There are two or three ways 

to register, you can also, register

with your mobile number or ,

    you can also log in with your 

Gmail ID or Facebook ID. 

    After completing all this,

    You update your profile in your 

profile Fill information about 

the address and your studies, etc.

      Now your Quora is ready, 

 now you can ask your questions 

 here, people will get your questions  

and will answer them, you can

also answer the questions asked 

by people.

    Quora is a

website that 

provides a platform 

where many 

online communities 

can interact.


Peoples from all over 

the world can use 

Quora for enhancing

their knowledge.

The scope of Quora

 is unlimited.

Anyone can use

Quora for Getting 

proper information

regarding their

asked questions.

Many peoples try to answer your asked question, so you will get the opinion of

many different persons.

Everyone tries to 

provide the best 

answer , because 
Likes and upvotes 
are available,
If anyone gets the 

desired, proper 

answer then definitely,

he /she upvotes 
your answer.

Many peoples use

Quora for Blogging.

If  you have created a 

Blog on your selected 


You want to increase 

the Organic Traffic 

on your Blog. 

Quora is the best 

website for promotion

of your Blog.

Quora is a website  

/Platform, that provides 
online Question Answer Community.
Quora  is having a 
very High DA 
(Domain Authority ).
It means that you 
can use Quora for 
Authentic Organic 

How to Generate Organic Traffic From Quora to your Blog/Website

I will discuss some Key 


By using these points in 

mind, you can Generate

Traffic in your Blog.

so lets' Discuss.

    1 . Select your niche or 

search question in Quora

on which you have written 

a Blog.

    2 . After that you will be 

getting many questions asked 

by people,regarding your 

search topic.

    3 . Select the best 

question that is 

according to you

is suitable for you 

in answering.

    4. Try to select that 

question in which more 

followers are there 

but fewer answers are 



   It means that

 many people 

wants the answer

to that question.

  5After selecting

the question,Try

to answer the 



    Try to elaborate  

your answer and 

provide relevant 


according to the 

asked question,

 Such that if

 anybody read

 your answer, gets

 eager to read

your complete


    In the last after

around  400-

500 words

answer, write 

something like

This, "If you are

interested in 

reading more

 please visit my 

website /Blog"

for complete



 provide a link of 

your Blog Link Url. 


    You can use the

Endnote option of 

Quora so that link

 of  your Blog 

appears in the 

Bottom of your article

    In the last provide 

your email address.

    So visitors can ask you any 

doubt /query if he /she has 

while reading your article

and finally you can write like this , 

"If  you like my 

article / blog please

do upvote me."


    So this is a nice way to attract 


 If he /she likes 

your article/Blog 

by visiting to 

your Blog and 

satisfied with your


he /she will 

up-votes your Blog.


What is Quora and How to Use it For eCommerce Marketing

    6.The final point is 
that do not provide 
fake answer and 

do not provide direct

link of your website 

or Blog.

   As I have told you 

in point 5

Try to provide  some 

unique information 

and in the last 

provide your Blog 


    Try to use images

on your provided 


Images should be authentic. 

    Which will be according to 

your answer.

    For example if you 

are answering the question 


"How to 

get organic traffic

on your Blog ?"

You can use

Image of SEO ?

Which is relevant to 

your answer. 

If you are not 


my points

specially points 5

and points 6, you

will be 

violating Quora

Policy,and after

1-2  warning

your account will

 be terminated

for 2 weeks.

So be cautious while answering 

the questions on Quora.

I have also written a Blog /Article on Traffic Generation on Blog.

How to increase Traffic on your Blog

    Key Point To


While  Writing
Answer on Quora .

    When you are creating your 

profile on Quora, 

   Provide relevent information,

    If you have 

experience in 

teaching and also

 worked with some  

professional renowned organizations.

   Try to provide complete work 


    Try to describe 

yourself with 


    Such that your

profile is visible 

to everyone . 

    More is your 

experience and 

authenticity in 


    Chances are 

there that 

visitors will be 

acquainted with

you and read 

and visit your 

Website /Blog. 

    when you submit 

your answer Quora

will ask you to 

select your


    If you have
 experience in 
more than one 

    So select that 

experience that is

relevent to your 


    If asked question

 demands to provide 

some website Links. 

    You can provide many 

website links in your answer, 

in this way. 






In this way, you are not 

violating Quora Policy.


    Do not Try to use the same 

answer to all the similar 

questions on Quora. 

    For example if someone asked


"How to do SEO of website /Blog?." 

    you have provided answer and 

then if someone asked a question


    "What are the tools and techniques 

used in SEO for traffic Generation?."


    Both the questions are similar 

but if you are providing the 

same answer in both question.


    Quora will Unflagged your answer 

against Quora policy .


    Thus try to provide some 

unique answer everytime 

and provide your website

/blog link in the last. 

    If you are using Quora on 

a regular basis and follow 

my described points from 

1-6 and key points.


Then definitely you will 

never break any Quora 

Policy and Get Organic

Traffic to your Blog/Article.

If you have any question/doubt 

then feel free to ask me at 

ssrbhopal@careerjobtech.com and

[email protected]