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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Want to change your current Job Try to improve and update skills

 Want to change  your current Job  

Try to improve  and update skills  

       In a varying job marketplace, get 

into the habit of adapting skills the 

market requirements don’t linger for 

a different alike resposnsibility.


has ragas designated for each hour 

of the sunlight hours.

Want to change  your Job  Try to improve  and update skills


        There are tantrum that is harmonic 

at evening and sunset- the  evening 

zones when dusk and light wrangle 


        When the sun wins this combat, 

it signals a new day.

        When the hours of dimness takes 

more, night comes. 

        We are going all the way through a 

same gloom zone in the globe of 


A moment of the whip

There are lots of happenings in the 

World In the recent six months.

Everyone Knows the Trending Disease

Corona, Covid-19 impacts.

Our Indian GDP has slow down.

Millions of jobs are lost all over the 


        We are going through a time of 


        Any Industry that brought 

people together has collapsed 

aviation, car rentals, hotels, 

restaurants, conference providers, 

entertainment, and event management


 Many Businesses have lost their 


Savings are nil and much more drastic 

changes appear.

 Employee salary cuts or even No new 

vacancies are expected by companies 

until this crisis over.

      Its time to invent new learning, New 

skills, new Trending areas       

 How to Move Forward

1.Consider New skills not Jobs:  

There are no new jobs opening in the 

current Scenario.

No new Hiring across various sectors

for a while,.

A new Work culture has been adapted 

by many Companies ie Work From 


Employee have the liberty that work 

should be done from home

and submitted project digitally.

       If you have been influenced by 

the recent retard, do not wait

for any other opportunity  to come

change the one you have vanished. 

Think in a smarter way, Try to

explore the New Chances in New


You have to pursue any consultancy 

regarding your Job change , Possibility 

is always there that you need a decent

Job according to your requirement.

2. Invest in learning new skills:

Talk to search firms and head 

hunters and ask them about the 

skills in high demand.

        They can also tell you which 

sectors are hiring for skills that 

you have.

        Educational degrees and 

previous experience are  becoming 

less valuable than the ability to 


        There are online courses for 

just about any skill that you wish 

to build.

Invest in skills that the market –

place needs.

        Be prepared to step out of

 your comfort zone and change 

cities or sectors, or take a pay 

cut if that helps you get started 

on a new path.

3. Try to be a freelancer: 

Try to reshuffle all  your habits and


        Think of your likings and 

all those plans you made over 

the years.

Start your own business

Become a Entrepreneur.

Start from small scale enterprise,

or small business

Try to use the emerging technologies,

 so that you will be easily promoted.

Start your own channel, you tube 


      If you want to become succeed or 

successful in the trending situation.

Change your way of thinking.

Everyone is affected somehow by this

changing circumstances.

  We all have in an uncertain situation.

But never give up hope.

Fortunes Favors’ the Brave.

4.Turn out to be a 


Turn out to become a voyager

before changing your current job.

          Explore mainly regarding 

your new the company you are 


          Explore the work culture,

environment and growth prospects 

of the company.

          If you are satisfied with the above 

all prospects of a company and you 

are satisfied with all prospects.

            Then definitely join that 

company job. 

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