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Saturday, October 17, 2020








Virtual Summit concluded this week on Artificial Intelligence

    At the Global Summit RAISE 2020, the possibilities and responsibilities for the 

    Artificial Intelligence were


    If artificial intelligence can carve the meaning of a new revolution, then there 

will be challenges.

Artificial intelligence Revolution or new challenge

    Artificial Intelligence ie AI is in discussion all over the world.

    This will become a big power in future.

    This is not only unprecedented in the world can bring change, but also

affect our living, working,reading, 

writing, doing business, run

industry, get treated from

illness etc.

    It is believed that due to

this,Big change is about

to come.

    As Invention of electricity change our life that's the way artificial intelligence can 


    Now machines became more powerful and they  will become intelligent and

start competing with the abilities of


 What is Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence uses techniques that enables machine to mimic human 


 There are various wide areas where  Artificial Intelligence can be used few among them are Visual Perspection,

Speech Recognization and Translation among various languages .

   There are various terms used

 in artificial Intelligence Like Artificial Intelligence ,Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

    All these terms are user intermingly but there is a difference between them ie,

    Artificial Intelligence is a Technology 

/science that is used to develop a machine that is able to do all the work 

that is not possible before.

    Now Machines can perform all the tasks with better efficiency and accuracy.

Machine Learning Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence it

deals with How Machine

improves its  performance

with experience.

Deep Learning : Deep learning uses Neural Network to simulate human like decision making.

This means humans within machines (or technology)

As for learning, analytics

The ability  to do, to think, to solve problems, to take decisions, etc. is being 


    These are the abilities that humans have, but no other creature in the world has.

    But now technology has made so much progress that it would have got inside 

lifeless machines

-Shocking capabilities have arrived

Our senses that work , many of them are now working on machines.

    Now Machines Can see, Can speak, Can hear,Can walk.

    Scientists uses Neural, Artificial technology on Machines and prepare

them intelligently  ready to 

feel the touch .


    Many Countries Has  developed the capacity of AI


    Estimated around 12600 crores dollars is now AI Software and future market by 2025 will be just double from today’s market.

    In 2019 it was only 1469 crores dollars.

In the United States by June 2019

    2028  Companies are working in the  A.I Technology.

    China has 1011 companies and in second place With companies.

    There were only 152 companies in India.

Intel Capital has invested in the project,

51 Artificial Intelligence companies ,in the world and it

is the highest.

NIA is working on  34 projects. 

279145 Patents related to AI were only with the US, as per the March 2019 data related to AI.

   It is the highest in the world.

How will this revolution be Organized:

    Factories will change, Things to be done frequently, such as with the use of 

Artificial Intelligence .

    If we are going to assemble a car or trying to assemble the tyres in a new car  , 

Tyre changes in a car can

occur via Artificial Intelligent

machine  ,One Vehicle tier after another in cars fitted automatically.

    Artificial Intelligence can change the working culture intelligently in a

intelligently from humans with

much better efficiency .

    Product will be packed and distributed  completely for easy maintenance of 


    It will be done, because the problems  coming in them will already be known.

    Due to reduced expenditure on factories

Price of products also decrease

    Production of Crop Yields will improve.

    It is predicted in advance that  Which crop is suitable for showing in which field.

    What will be the yield on the dwarf, Weather prediction is simple, at what time 

the weather will be,on in which type of soil 

which type of seed shown will

increase production.

    with the help f A.I We came

to Know all such predictions in advance.

    Based on these predictions farmers Will be able to choose the right crop for

 showing in their field at the 

 right time.

    In this way Farmers will get higher profits from crops.

    AI also help farmers in analyzing diseases of the crops

thus time and effort

will be saved.

     Disease risk in crop will be decreased.

    Under AI, the patterns are identified by analyzing the data on a large scale.

    And based on them, results are drawn.

Analyzing  a person's data  for treatment is critical and this can be done intelligently 

by Artificial Intelligency.

    There are apprehensions.

    Which medicine is suitable for which patient, prediction in advance is possible 

via Artificial Intelligency.

    Effectiveness of medicine is also predictable in advance.

    It will also be known in advance  which medicine is suitable for a person for better 

treatment for curing disease.

    Security will be easy

    Getting data from different channels

By analyzing the threats posed to security

    The need to send humans to fight will be minimum.

    Machines must be fighting with machines.

    Weapons will be such that after being fired, they will change their position by 

predicting the enemy's force.

What will be the new challenges

    Jobs will face crisis

    Since most of the work done by humans will now be done by machines, robots can 

do many  things so for

jobs crisis may arise.

     It is cheaper for companies

 to buy and hire robots. 

   This deal will happen

 because it will be  

a one-time investment.

   However, on the other hand new types of jobs will also be created.

    The need for technical experts will be high, New AI techniques can be used to 

understand data patterns.  


    If the machines run out of control

    The fear is that if the machines take decisions on their own and are able to 

execute them then they should

become completely independent.

    They consider the decision of man as wrong refuse to  accept.

    Case may be human intelligence machines will reach at the level of

greater intelligence and then human will 

not able to control them.

    Human cannot able to control machines then this is the drastic 


    Machine life will show ill effects

    It is feared that machines will dominate everywhere, in many ways ,Problems will 


    Mental stress, loneliness, frustration

,  blood pressure, etc.

     If there is no physical labor, then

 other types of problems will come up which are called lifestyle diseases.

    Jobs will be less and people will be more.

Hence the rivalry will be at its peak.

    The danger of terrible war will increase.

Alan Mask has said that even with AI nuclear weapons can be fatal.

 Suppose America's nuclear

Arms control the AI-based system, while monitoring Russia or China, caught any 

wrong signal and fired nuclear


 so what will be the result is well known.

How Can India Use Artificial Intelligency and became an AI Hub

      Inaugurating the RAISE

 2020 program.

     Prime Minister Narendra

 Modi has said that we want

to make India a global hub

of Artificial Intelligence. 

   This means that we will not be limited to just using such machines,

technologies, services and products

at our place.

    We will build and develop them for the world.

    It can become as strong for us as China has achieved in manufacturing.

     Just as companies around the world go to China to manufacture every cheap product, 

    Similar way world will come to india for 

Products,India will become manufacturing HUB.

    World  would think of coming to India for all kinds of work related to Intelligence.

How is it possible in India ?

    CEO Infosys Vishal Sikka says

that within the next 25 years

Artificial Intelligence scope in

India will change the lifestyle

of India.

    One thing that has to done for Artificial

Intelligence in India is to educate newbie’s.

    Artificial Intelligence has to be covered

in school syllabus, so that India will be able to Empowered highly skilled

professional in this field.

If we teach artificial intelligence

    With system like this we are in a position to add that very big Skilled

professionals in large numbers

    If India is able to prepare  professionals

Then the situation is favorable

for India and it might be possible .

    Skilled professionals in india

Availability, abundance of data

, Ease of Connectivity, Large number of Youth generations,

with government's 

enthusiasm in  this area

and the world's trust

towards India .

    All such circumstances are favorable for India .

    In this way India will dominate the world in Artificial Intelligeny.

        CAREER IN ARTIFICIAL                          INTELLIGENCY

Anyone can make career in Artificial 

Intelligency. Manager (AI).

Google,Facebook,Amazon(Alexa) and /

many more large companies are working 

on Artificial Intelligent.

Pattern Recognization 

,Image Recognization 

Artificial Intelligent Robotics and Space 

Science are the concerned Area where 

Recruitment can be done .

Many Technical Experts are needed in .

Artificial Intelligecy.