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Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to create a Blog and Earn Money from your Blog

Blog  and All about  Blogger(Creation and Management)
Blog and All about Blog Management

A blog is a detailed summary of any topic or subject
Anyone can create a Blog.

Blogger is previously known as BlogSpot and used for the creation of new Blogs. A blog can be used for any purpose, whether it is as a personal diary or for commercial work, or in general, blogging is more commonly used to convey ideas to others. 

History about

    Blogspot started in 19 by Pyra Labs as a website hosting tool. It was purchased by Google in 2003.

To create their blog on this, users only have to create their accounts on Google. To signup on this, the user has to keep a different name which will be the name of his blog.

After Blog creation, the main purpose of Blog the creator is that his/her Blog reaches maximum users all over the world via the internet.

When your Blog is created and You have successfully written at most 30 to 50 Blogs then use SEO Techniques for enhancing the Chances that your page of Blog show in Google search list on the internet.  

  One who is knowing the topic or subject is eligible for creating a Blog. 
    A person who creates a Blog is known as Blogger.
    Internet connection is needed for blogging. 
    For publishing a Blog Internet connection is required.
            I will provide you the list of some websites that provides you free hosting.
    Some among them are 
    wordpress.org,wix.com,                                     weebly.com,Blogger.com, 
    ghost.org ,tumblr.org
        There are many options available for blogging , you can buy your own domain or 
              There are many service providers on the internet from which you can  purchase your domain and web hosting.
            You can opt for free version on Blogger.com.
            The main problem in blogger is that you
will get Google Adsense Approval after writing
40-50 unique articles and also it takes around 5-6 months.
            If you have purchased a custom domain and create your blog on blogger.com then your  chances of getting Adsense Approval will increases.
            within 2-3 months if you have written 20-30 unique articles you will get approval of Google adsense.
           If you are using word press as a platform for blogging then many plugins are available 
with the use of such plugins you will get your work easily.
        Plugins for SEO. AMP ,code optimization etc.
        If you are using blogger.com then you have to do it manually.
        Plugins are not  available for Blogger.com

        Anyone can create a Blog and also By using Translator, ie Google Translate Blog written in English Language can be easily translated in any language.
    If you are creating a Blog using Blogger.com then Google Translate feature is available to you without any cost.
    Blogger.com allows you to create and publish your Blog without any cost.

Steps for Creating a Blog:

    1.Select a topic or subject in which you want to create a Blog

     2. Select the Keywords in your Blog.

    3. Write a Blog that Describes the topic thoroughly
    4. Heading and subheadings about the topics are widely used in a  Blog     

   5. A blog should be written in at least 1000 words.

  6. Blogs should be available for online users.

Point to be noted that for online 
publishing a Blog user has to purchase 
a web hosting service and a Domain 

For beginners and also for Experts there is 
a Free Hosting service Provided by Google ie www.blogger.com

Technical information for blog creation.

    Blogspot does not have features like some other blogging services, but its common tools and other features make blogging extremely easy. 
        But this does not mean that Blogspot does not have modern facilities. 
      Most advanced users can make any 

changes to their blog, including designing 

their templates and using Google's 

website analytics program.
       There are several thousand gadgets on Google that can be attached to blogs. With their help, bloggers can create a multi-user blog, with the help of which many bloggers can contribute to the same blog.

       When we create a Blog in blogger.com it is hosted on the internet and the name of the blog is your chosen Blog name and .blogspot.com is added by blogger.com.

           Suppose you created a blog TechnologyHub then its complete website address available on the internet is www.TechnologyHub.blogspot.com

        If a person wants to change the blogspot.com then he has to buy a domain from many domain providers available on the internet online, one of them is GoDaddy which is the best domain service, provider.

       Afterward, you can change the blog to 

your purchased domain by setting Custom 

Domain in Blogger.com.

         Some Technical settings have to be done for that and then your blog address on the internet is your custom domain name .com.

    Ex: if you purchase a domain name educationhub then the blog address is www.educationhub.com.

Publish and Reachability  to internet users

   So for this Blog creator has to use some techniques termed as SEO.

   For more Details Regarding What is SEO and How SEO is useful for promoting/Ranking website in search Engine.

    Visit my Blog Regarding SEO:  SEO BLOG 


One important concept is Ranking 
Google uses page indexing and ranking 
for searching pages on the internet about the topic.

    Once your page rank is increased by SEO Techniques. SEO BLOG  Apply for a Service termed as Google Adsense for Earning.

     When all is ok wait and watch for Google Adsence Approval.

    Once Google has approved you for Google Adsence then in your webpage ads are shown by Google automatically.

     One should always keep in mind that you have to maintain sufficient traffic regularly on your blog so that you can earn from Google Adsense.

     Further, you can earn from Affiliate Marketing of products available on amazon.com and flipcart.com.
       Remember always update your blog regularly and try to provide latest and updated information .

        Use web push notification on your blog so that user will be get informed when you are updating any content on your blog.

If you have any doubt/question regarding my blog please feel free to ask me
at  ssrbhopal@careerjobtech.com and [email protected]

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