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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Research as a career

Research as a career


Hello everyone This is an Article that  
emphasizes the current trending topic  
     Research is related to knowledge or 

says in-depth knowledge If someone has 

deep knowledge in any area in any field 

then he is eligible for doing research in 

that specific area in that field.

Research is basically related to a career 

    some specific jobs require that employee is having a knowledgeable mindset and always wants to explore the topic means every time wants to do implement new ideas.

    Research is compulsory in many industries like pharma, IT, media, etc.

  There are many vacancies in the Education sector related to Research like Associate Researcher, Associate professor or professor, etc.

    A doctorate degree is awarded to a person who explores and implements a new idea or new phenomenon in any subject in any field. 

     The researcher draws Handsome salary in many organizations.

    In the Education sector Government Encourage Research as a career by providing scholarships to selected research persons.

    A doctorate, Ph.D. Degree is awarded to a person who successfully designs and implements any new idea, the algorithm in any specific field.

    Many Reputed Organization s like IIT and NIIT requires these research fellow for their organizations and Provide handsome salary to these research associates.

    Some Organizations like ISRO, NASA, etc always promote Researcher in their program and hire them for higher packages

    Software firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon also hire technically research person who is able to implement new algorithm new technology which is essential for their growth.

     The medical science field also requires a Researcher for analysis of vaccine and medicine.

    Nowadays new Disease CORONA is causing huge damage to mankind. Scientists are doing research in making a vaccine for it.

     So my conclusion is that Research is very essential for mankind.

    Government and Private  Organizations also promote research as a career in their Big Organizations.

    Research in Computer Science

Research is very important in every aspect
of life.
    There is a wide scope of Research in 
Computer Science /Technology.

    Technology changes rapidly and its also changes the lifestyle and makes life easy.

    Now we cannot think of our life without technology.

    Every new invention us related to research.
We have seen in the past many computers ie
Generations of computer First,Second, Third and Fourth and so on.

      As we are going forward we are using technology that is easy to use and also available
to everyone.

        Mobile phones are available and used by all persons .

       So I am trying to say that without research 
this is not possible.

       Now  I will  describe the Phases that are 
necessary for developing a system, 

         Whether it is a computer system or Software Solution based system.

            All you need to do is follow SDLC.

So SDLC has many  phases let's discuss them.

1 System Requirement phase :

    In this, we will try to find out the actual need and requirements of the System.

People gathering ,intervention,Group discussion ,ie are organized and then we will
get the solution what is the actual requirements of the system.

2 Design Phase:

    After the Requirement of a system, we have to go for designing a system.

    Designing is necessary phase in which we sort out the prototype of the system .

    All the internal and external parameters of a system are described in details.

3 Coding Phase :

 After the Design phase, we get the requirement and all parameters of a system.
Coding phases is necessary for a system.

    Which technology is used that is supported and easy to use and also if necessary we can migrate our code from one platform to another.

    So all these parameters are key points in the Coding phase.

 4. Implementation Phase:

    Finally When we are in this phase , actual
development of system is implemented means
what we have imparted in previos phases.

     We are going to implement .

5 Testing Phase:
  When we have created a system or a software
All we need to do is test it manually or test it by creating an automated test case scenarios.

    There are two types of testing ie black box and white box testing.

    There are varios models available in SDLC
these are spiral model, Prototype Model, waterfall model etc.

    This is also analyzed by experts that which model is suitable for which software or system.

    Some Models have many phases and other is concise.

  So I want to tell you that Following all these steps needed a Team, Many experts for different Phases like,Analyst, Programmer, 

    Senior Programmer, System Analyst and software tester, Senior test case Writer and more.

       There salary will depend according to their role , like System Analyst may take active
part in all phases and hence Get Higher package.

        Research in Healthcare Sector

    Research play a vital role in
Healthcare sector.
   As New Medicines have been needed for
New diseases.
     Many researchers are actively involved
in various phases of Development Medicine.

    Research is actually needed as If new medicine is not tested and passed by all parameters.

    Use of new medicine may impart new problems in human beings.

    Testing is mandatory, Testing is applied
on animals like rat and if succeeded then it is
to be tested on some volunteers with suitable

    So it will take a long time for diagnosis any

    Researchers should be very keen in making medicine.

    Mistake if occurs it will not be tolerable.

  So Many parameters should be kept in mind,
and it is necessary to pass all the parameters.

  Some medicines are exported to other countries.
    So Many new types of equipment in the Laboratory is required for all diagnosis of
Many organisms like Bacteria and Virus. 

Government Body named CDSCO is
working in New Horizon.

    Headquarter of CDSCO is in New

 All the Rules and Regulations all over the
India about Medicines and Drugs Approval,
etc are governed by CDSCO.    
    CDSCO is headed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

   CDSCO will work with Global Leader
Organization like WHO(World health Organization)

        Now I will Let's you know in short,

        How Medicines/drugs are prepared

There are various steps :
      1 API(Active Pharmaceuticals Ingradients)

          This is a active substance necessary for preparing medicine/drug.

    2. API is mixed with some solvent
    Place them in a container .    

    3 After proper mixing Heat that 

    4.Boil off solvents then let it cool down
    (Disleri) .

    5 Disleri is filtered and make it down
    in powder form.

    6.Dry it and again this is a formulation 

    7.Add some solvents (water ) Mix 
    it properly.

   8 Some Hi tech machines prepare 
   these tiny granuleas and medicine

   9 For proper shape and size some 
    Automated machines are used.

  10 Finally some flavour is added for

  Proper documentation is carried in all phases for analyzing the result.

So Research is not Limited to Any Field.
There are many trending and Emerging Fields .

Few among them are Robotics ,Artificial
Intelligence,Data Mining,Space Science and so on.